Brno Watch Expo 2017 IWC, Ball, Grand Seiko and Casio Stands

Brno Watch Expo 2017 is over, and we are ready to share our impressions with you. Here you will find stands of several brands – IWC, Ball, Casio and Grand Seiko. Of course, there were no worldwide premieres, but visitors still could find several interesting models. Let’s take a closer look at what was shown there.
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IWC – Frozen Classic

First of all I should remind that all stands were quite small, just several square meters, but still it was enough for all models. IWC watches are quite famous for its calm classic design, and some new models don’t break this habit. Everything looks good, and I guess fans will recognise timepieces on the photos. Now let’s move on to the next manufacturer.

Ball – Light King

Well, yeah… Ball is quite famous for its luminous dials, and company was proudly displaying it on the exhibition. There were no new models, just well-known Engineer line, which features crazy lume effect. I just wonder how this company will surprise us on the next Baselworld? They’ve missed expo this year, so I guess we can expect something big from them, right?

Grand Seiko – Elegance in Steel

I still can’t catch up with Grand Seiko on Baselworld, and I hope that next expo will change that bad tradition. Well Brno Watch Expo 2017 offered us a chance to check current model lineup, and I have to admit that I love this design more and more. Just look at those sharp hands and nice polished steel!

Casio – Tough Metal

Another Japanese manufacturer brought something completely different from all those classy timepieces. G-Shock looked like “in your face” statement, and didn’t fail to maintain almost the same price level. What is even more surprising – people were attracted by appearance of those models, and I saw several pieces sold on spot. Well, it’s matter of taste I guess…

Brno Watch Expo 2017 as Perfect Chance

Yep, perfect chance to check latest novelties in watch market. I was happy to find out that expo is quite developed and can surprise even the most experienced visitors. The only thing I would like to note – it is worth staying there for two days and trying more watches. 😀

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