Long time no see, again, huh? 😀 Well, today we are going to talk about something what can be recommended to everyone – Casio AE-1500WH. This model will be available in three color versions, so I decided to pick the classic one in black color. While we all know small digital models from the same brand, new watch comes in different styling, and it will be interesting to see how it fares in real life. Let’s open its simple box and take a look together.

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The main deal in this watch is the dial. It is really hard to miss such huge display with large digits and several sectors inside. Legibility is just perfect and Casio AE-1500WH can be a good choice just because of that. Well, let’s not jump the gun and go over the whole dial in detail.

Official name for the display here is the “Wide Face”. It is quite self-explanatory, because you get large area with big elements on it. Time digits take the central spot here, on the right side there is a seconds scale which is nicely animated. Top section is given to date indication and Casio logo, while lower one shows alarms and some additional information. Again, even the smallest digits are easy to read, thanks to clear layout. Note that one of the models also features “negative” display what might be more attractive for some of the future owners.

Watch is equipped with backlighting and it is surprisingly good for this price tag. Two LEDs are quite bright and give even amber backlighting for the whole dial. Here I have to note that due to its price tag AE-1500WH features rubber cover on the dial, so it is better to be careful if you want to avoid some marks on it.


Whole design and buttons layout are pretty much classic for digital watches from Casio. You won’t be stuck if you’ve had one already, and for the new owner it won’t be a difficult thing to get around. Case size is 51.2 mm, so it is rather large watch. I would warn those who have thin wrists, but you can see on the photos that I didn’t have any issues with wearing this Casio.

Somehow it just works despite its huge size. Oh, thickness is also quite impressive – 15.7 mm, so as result you get large puck sitting on your wrist. Of course, it is difficult to hide under the sleeve, so you will have to accept it. 😀

Nevertheless, with all its size, Casio AE-1500WH is quite light – just 57g, what makes it easy to wear everyday. It somewhat surprising when you take this watch in your hands and almost don’t feel its weight. Some might not like such thing, but I am quite ok as it will make it more comfortable on your wrist. Of course, whole case is made out of plastic which can be in two colors – black or sand one. Both come in matte finish, so it should be quite durable.

Whole design kind of reminds of G-Shock and Pro Trek watches, but this model is not included into the famous brand lines. Well, no wonder – careful look will give out various things that were kept as cheap as possible. For example, you will find molded in screw heads which are obviously fake. Don’t forget about large “sell points writings” on the front face as those might come handy if you will forget about features of your watch. Jokes aside, whole styling is still kept in relatively reasonable borders and doesn’t look cheap or overloaded.

Watch might look like G-Shock, but some design features should be handy in real life. For example, those large raised “bumpers” around display will add some protection. Button guards are also here and should help you avoid any accidental pushes. All this creates bulky but sturdy case design which looks tough in both colors.

Controls layout is also classic – four buttons, two from each side. These come in chrome metal, what brings and nice touch to the whole composition. They are easy to operate, and I don’t think it will be difficult to press them even in gloves. Water protection is quite good here – 100m, so watch is ready for some swimming. Rear caseback is metal on the screws, so it should be easy to change the battery.


Ok, this part is quite predictable because we have a digital watch today. Inside you will find a quartz movement with 10 years battery life. Sounds like a bold claim, but Casio watches usually work for a long time, so I don’t think this one will let you down. Inside you will find all necessary functions which can be expected in digital watch – timer, stopwatch, alarm, dual time. As it was mentioned before, controls are classic, so there is nothing extra to discuss.


Well, it is easy to guess that today’s watch features rubber strap. It is easy to wear, it features plastic buckle and it comes in the same color as case. It is also something what is responsible for relative ease of wearing. Of course, you can replace it, but frankly speaking I don’t know why you would do that.

In Use

First of all I have to say that this watch is not small, so don’t even try to hide it under the sleeve. Well, this is more of a tool watch, so it should be outside all the time. 🙂 Whole case is durable, so there is nothing to worry about. It won’t be scratched or somehow damaged in everyday use. The only thing that you should pay attention is the resin part covering the dial. Let’s hope that these large bumpers will provide some necessary protection. Light weight adds to ease of wear and you will hardly feel this watch on your hand.

Big dial can be considered as the great advantage of Casio AE-1500WH. These large digits are easy to read in any situation, so you won’t have any problems here. Moreover, backlight is also good and lights up whole surface. The only thing that might have been removed – additional writings about various features, but it is not a huge problem for this price.

Casio AE-1500WH – Price and Availability

New watch should be already available for purchase. Price is quite reasonable – just 40USD for a set of useful functions in a durable package. As a result we get a quite interesting situation when you can get all necessary functions without the need to go higher in price and buying G-Shock. I doubt that new AE-1500WH will noticeably shift the demand from the legendary watch series, but at least it will give a chance to get a durable workhorse without spending a lot of cash.

Three color versions look good and each can be a great choice for your collection. Don’t forget about impressive battery life which will ensure that your Casio is ready at any moment. We can write more about new watch, but the main fact is quite obvious – Japanese watchmaker succeeded in bringing something interesting both quality and price wise. The only question that remains is how this lineup will be developed in the future? Maybe we would get some new color combinations, who knows?

As usual, feel free to leave your comment below and don’t forget to watch the video-review with detailed info about this great watch. 🙂

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1 year ago

I picked up the classic black one a couple a weeks ago at a Walmart,what cause me to buy it was that display and second the price,if it had been $10 more I still would of bought it because of that clear large dial.I replaced the plastic buckle with a ss one,it’s a nice compliment to the SS buttons and should make the strap even more secure.
I really like it and enjoy wearing it,it’s a big watch but it feels good on the wrist.
I think it will become a sought after model and a classic in the coming years,I’m gonna grab the negative display model as well when I come across it👍👍


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