Casio A159 – Gold is Bold

Today’s watch is something what might look so simple that it actually makes the whole image even more attractive. This is a Casio A159, digital timepiece from the famous brand. Japanese watchmaker decided to look into old lineup and bring back some of the iconic digital models. Here we see one of them, so it will be interesting to check what it has to offer and why it might be worth getting into your collection. Packaging is quite simple, watch comes in plastic bag, placed in the foam and closed in cardboard box. Let’s open all this and check A159.
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Dial (Display)

As this is a digital watch, we get quite simple “positive” display with plenty of information. Casio A159 is not that big, so don’t expect huge screen on the whole faceplate. You will find time, date and day indication plus small reminder about alarm being on. In my opinion it is more than enough. As usual, whole faceplate is literally filled with various writings so that you won’t forget about main features of this watch. I would say it is part of design of this watch. Maybe that’s why all those texts look natural and don’t break the whole design.

Backlighting is made with help of green LED. Frankly speaking I didn’t expect this function in today’s watch, so it is a nice surprise which will come handy in dark conditions. Note also that faceplate stays black with blue frame in all color versions of today’s Casio. Well, it was obviously done to cut the cost, but it is something what you would expect in such watch.


Today’s version comes in gold color, but you can get this watch in other colors too. In my opinion, A159 should be in this color only as it looks even more classic in comparison with silver edition. Designers somehow managed to avoid cheap appearance and this shade of gold looks just right with overall mood of the model.

Case sizes are 36.8×33.2×8.2mm, while weight clocks at 44g. All this combined makes a very nice watch which is pleasure to wear and use. Note that controls feature only three buttons, and one of the corners will be left blank metal. Buttons are not that big, but still easy to press, even with my fingers. Moreover, caseback is stainless steel in silver color, but it won’t visible while on your wrist. Of course, this watch also features water protection which should be enough for some casual swimming.

Bracelet and Movement

All colors of A159 come with metal bracelet. Part looks smooth and perfectly matches overall styling. In my opinion it is a great choice for this watch, and I can’t imagine it on some other strap. The only reason which comes to my mind – this bracelet might be small for some thick wrists. Well, watch is also tiny, so there is nothing surprising.

We have digital quartz watch here, so it is quite easy to guess what is inside. Nevertheless, CR2016 battery should give you 7 years of reliable work, and this is impressive. Moreover, it is possible to change the battery by yourself, even though I would still advice to do it in official service.

In Use

Usage experience for this watch is just perfect, there is nothing to discuss. It is that kind of watch which you put on your wrist and forget about it. Small size makes it easy to wear, and classic design matches any outfit you will choose. Gold color doesn’t look way too blingy and that is a good thing. Well, for even more moderate appearance you can always go for silver model.

As it was mentioned above, I don’t think that this watch needs strap upgrade. Moreover, bracelet quality is quite fine, so you won’t have any issues here. As far as I remember, there will be version with textile/silicon strap, but in my opinion this watch should come ONLY with metal bracelet.

Casio A159 – Price and Availability

Today’s watch is available for purchase and will cost you around 50USD. In my opinion this is a great offer for those who would like to get durable and stylish watch on their wrist. Of course, it won’t give you the same toughness as some G-Shocks, but it still should be ok to survive everyday wear and tear. Moreover, there is something special in this golden color, what makes it appealing outside.

New Casio is part of so-called “Vintage” series, and I think that this model perfectly suits such designation. Don’t forget that A159 also comes with metal bracelet, something what can be appreciated for this price range. I see this model as a great base for some personalization – maybe engraving on the case or bracelet. Well, even the “stock” version should look simple and fresh, notably different from all those fancy pieces on the market.

Here you will find specifications for reviewed watch.

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