Poljot International Bolshoi Review

This time we have a chance to talk about watch in my favorite color – Poljot International Bolshoi. As you can guess, timepiece comes from a brand which is “brother” of the well known Alexander Shorokhoff watchmaker. Neverthelss, here we get a bit more calm design which should be accessible in terms of price. This model caught my attention because of its classic look together with square shape and massive metal bracelet.
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I suggest we start with traditional video-review, where you will see unboxing and all details in macro-view.


In my opinion dial is the main element here as it is quite large thanks to rectangular shape. There are several colors available, but note that only green comes with sunray finish. All other options feature solid colors what gives slightly different look to the overall composition. Note that sunray is also replicated on the seconds dial, what makes whole design a bit more sophisticated-looking. Well, this is also my favorite color, so choice was easy for me. 😀

Hour digits on all (except red one) versions come in this beige color. Such finish adds to the classic look of the dial and somehow just works. Yes, I know some people are worried about “fauxtina”, but here it doesn’t look cheap and feels just right. Note that the size of those digits is relatively small in comparison with overall space available. Moreover, 6″ is slightly cut by seconds dial, what might look off at the first sight.

Note that there is also outer scale in white color which might be handy for more precise calculation. The same design is copied for seconds dial, so there are no digits at all. In my opinion this looks decent and I didn’t have any issues with such layout.

Handset consists of hour and minute hands on the “main” dial and small seconds hand place in the lower section. Two large parts are made in the same color as digits. Basilica-shaped design comes in hand with overall classic feel of this watch. Note that Poljot International Bolshoi features black seconds hand what helps not to break the whole composition. It looks like a smart move, but sometimes this tiny part is hard to find as you can notice in the video-review.

Amount of writings is reduced to possible minimum and I am happy to see that. We get only Poljot International logo in the top half and “Made in Germany” in the lower half. There is no date window or any other writings what actually helps to keep elegant look without any unnecessary elements.

It is also worth noting that the same Bolshoi model can be ordered with skeleton dial. In my opinion such option doesn’t work with massive elements and it would be wise idea to get a solid dial. Well, maybe there will be some fans of open movements, so it is up to you to decide. Here we can actually talk about case and all the things connected with it.


I don’t have many rectangular watches in my collection, so this one jumps out with help of it large metal case. This part feels solid and features brushed finish on the sides while edges are mirror-polished. Such combination works nicely in person and less prone to scratches and other possible damage.

Poljot International Bolshoi measures 38.5×38.5mm case, but it is not thick and comes at 10.4mm. Such size might be difficult to wear with thin wrist, so keep it in mind. Crown is quite large and sits on classic 3″ position. It also features basilica engraving on the side. Nevertheless, you can also notice that it is almost flush with the case side, so sometimes it is difficult to “pick it out” in order to set the time. Well, at least it is fine for winding the watch. 🙂

Rear case back cover is transparent, what lets you appreciate the movement finish. This is a nice touch, and in my opinion that is why you don’t need to have skeleton dial here. If you want to see the movement – just take it off your wrist and here it is. 🙂 Of course, dial is also covered with sapphire glass, which is slightly domed and works nicely with overall shape of the case. In my opinion plain part would actually look weird with such classic styling.


Poljot International Bolshoi comes as manual winding watch and features 2760A movement inside. Power reserve should be equal to 36 hours, what should be okay if you won’t forget to wind your watch. As we mentioned already, all basic features are here except of the date window.

Movement parts are decorated and can be seen through the rear cover. In my opinion this feature looks above its class and changes watch perception. You can see these elements not only on the photos here, but also in the video above.


Well, it is not a strap, but metal bracelet that we have here. In my opinion this is a must-have combination as full metal setup looks great in person. Yes, it feels hefty, but that’s in line with overall styling of classic heavy square watch. Overall quality feels nice, links are solid and don’t feel cheap. Clasp also features Poljot International logo on polished section.

Manufacturer also offers black version of this bracelet which can be purchased only with black watch. Some other dials come with leather straps, but as I said, metal looks the best with such massive case shape. Well, maybe it would be interesting to see some silicone straps with pattern on them, but there are no such options at the moment.

Poljot International Bolshoi in Use

First of all I have to say that I spent more than a year with this watch and this is not only In Use section, but also overall experience report. Bolshoi timepiece travelled with me to several countries and still looks pristine. Dial legibility is very good thanks to large space available, and I didn’t encounter any issues with that. There is also a luminous layer which comes handy in the dark conditions, but don’t expect diver watches lume quality here. 😀

Watch itself looks large thanks to its rectangular case, but small thickness makes it easy to wear even with long sleeves. I struggled a bit with crown fitment, but the same issue was encountered in Beringo watch. Such size feels fine on my wrist, but thin wrist owners should try this watch first. Even printed square of the given size will give you better understanding of what to expect.

As for the bracelet you can see on the photos that I prefer to wear such watches on a bit free setting which adds more comfort. Of course, you can shorten it a bit, but it is matter of personal taste here. Accessory itself feels high-quality and clasp is easy to operate. I always mention that it would be cool to see some silicone straps from Poljot Bolshoi and Alexander Shorokhoff, but for now there are no such options available. 🙁

Power reserve might look small, but once you get used to it, there is no problem. You just take off your watch, wind it a bit and it works nicely. Moreover, some watch collectors love this small ritual, so it might be a nice change from the typical experience with automatic watches.

Price and Availability

So straightaway I can say that price for today’s watch is set at 699 EUR. In my opinion it is a very interesting level with plenty of rivals from bigger brands. This is not a Limited Edition, so you still can get it on official website, but the main point is that the watch feels like one. Overall finish and attention to details is very impressive, and I like how the classic appearance was used with looking too cheesy.

Yes, it is a hand-winding watch, so you will have to remember to rotate the crown, but this is quite cool in my opinion. Moreover, Poljot International decided to give you a chance to see the whole movement through rear cover or even by ordering the skeleton dial version. There are few alternatives in the same price range which can give you the same finish and attention to details.

This model comes in wide array of possible versions, so I am sure you will find something suitable if you will take a look at official website. My absolute favorite stays the same – green dial with metal bracelet. It just looks and feels like a complete thing, as if it was designed to be this way. Such thing is very nice to see on your wrist and definitely worth adding to your collection if you still don’t have a square watch. 🙂

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