Alexander Shorokhoff Vintage 7 Review

Today we are going to look at Alexander Shorokhoff Vintage 7 which was displayed at SEW 2022. When I first saw the photos of this watch, it was surprising to see such calm and elegant design. German watch brand is famous for quite unusual styling, but here we get completely opposite idea. Watchmaker decided to give us something simple yet good-looking, and it was interesting to check such novelty in person. Prague watch exhibition gave me a perfect chance to look at blue and red watches, so now we have something to discuss.
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As you can guess, the main idea source for this watch was the classic timepiece design. We don’t get any unusual or brave cues here, and instead whole styling looks sleek and nicely works together. Main background is finished in silver color with sunray effect. Blue or red color is present on the special insert which features symmetrical cuts on the top and bottom sections.

Note that there are actually two dials in one as hour hand is placed in a small central circle. Date window is placed instead of 6″ mark and 12″ mark is replaced with traditional for Alexander Shorokhoff 60 mark. Watch comes with elegant gold-colored handset which is easy to find on the dial.

Large crown somehow looks fine with this watch and it is also easy to handle. Case size is not that huge – only 39.5mm, what makes timepiece easy to wear. Here we can talk a bit more about overall impressions after trying both versions in person.


I just mentioned the size of Alexander Shorokhoff Vintage 7 so that you can understand how small it is in comparison with modern watches. My wrist is 18cm, and new timepiece sits nicely without any discomfort.

Add here 13.15mm thickness, and it won’t be surprising that such watch is easy to hide under the sleeve. Case features clear rear insert which exposes the movement inside. Note that all elements received beautiful engraving finish which looks quite impressive in person.

Dial design works nicely together and there are no problems with legibility. The only thing I can think of is the date window as it would be nice to have magnifying section over such small indicator. Who knows, maybe we will see this in the next iteration. Note that whole dial is covered with sapphire glass, so you shouldn’t be worried about possible scratches.

Each version comes with leather strap. I am glad that this accessory is very soft and nicely wraps around your wrist. Buckle features manufacturer logo and stays in silver color on both watches. I think this design could also work with milanese strap or perforated leather. Alexander Shorokhoff also offers rubber options in case you think such combo might look good.

Alexander Shorokhoff Vintage 7 – Price and Availability

New watch comes as Limited Edition and each color will be produced in 30 pieces only. As far as I understood, almost all of them are sold out already, so you should be very lucky to get one. Price is set at quite reasonable 1200 EUR, which looks great if you consider the overall production number. Alexander Shorokhoff made a really great design here, so I am sure we will see more color versions in the future. It would be a shame to stop such beauty on two colors only.

Stay tuned for the future articles, as we will try to tell you more about upcoming novelties.

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SEW 2022 Exhibition Report

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