Poljot International Skeleton Nicolai II – Royal Offer

Today we have a chance to talk about Poljot International Skeleton Nicolai II. This is a new watch from German watchmaker. I guess name says it all and we understand that there will be skeletonized dial. Nevertheless, whole watch is a new design, so it is worth taking a closer look. There should be three versions available and price would be set at quite reasonable level. Let’s check what is offered under such unusual name.
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Well, this part is the main feature in today’s watch. As it was mentioned, watch will be released in three color versions – black, blue and red. Note that color of the skeletonized section also varies – silver, gold or black. Unlike previous skeletons from this brand, new watch offers quite wide “band” around opening, so it should be easier to check the time. In my opinion this is a quite important improvement which also has influence on the perception of this watch. Somehow these wide borders create a bit more serious and purposeful look.

I like small touch in form of colored hands on this watch. In my opinion this subtle detail adds more of visual sophistication, especially on the red watch. Another notable thing – watch number which would be placed in one of the small subdials. This is great idea on how to remind owner about rarity of this watch. 🙂 Whole composition is covered with sapphire glass.

Case and Strap

Unlike dial, case is offered only in two variations – black and golden color. Of course, crown color also changes together with case. I would say that this part is a perfect example of classic design from the German watchmaker. There is nothing extra, and crown should be easy to operate due to its size. The only thing that I might want to see here – crossed grooves, so it would be easier to pull out the crown.

Inside you will find 9011 caliber with manual winding. Well, some watch fans like such approach, and it is always a great thing to wind your watch in the morning, right? Power reserve is clocked at 38h, what should be enough for everyday use. By the way, you can also appreciate this movement through the clear rear cover.

As you remember, dial color varies in three versions, and strap follows this change. Leather accessory looks great in blue color, but I have no doubt that other two will find their own fans.

Poljot International Skeleton Nicolai II – Availability

Without further ado I can say that new watch comes as Limited Edition and each color will be produced in 400 pieces only. This is quite small number, so it is better to hurry if you want to get one. As you might remember, each watch will feature the number on the dial. What is even more surprising is that such watch will be priced at 769 EUR. In my opinion this is quite reasonable price for such classic design in limited production batch.

New Poljot International Skeleton Nicolai II might be a great choice for those who would like to get their first skeleton watch. Moreover, it can play the main role in one-watch-collection. Such timepiece would be a great conversation starter, so definitely check it out if you would like to get away from all those mainstream brands.

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