Sternglas Marus Green Review

Today’s review is fully dedicated to Sternglas Marus in beautiful green color and block strap combo. This is a diver watch from the famous watchmaker, which comes as their first 200m water protection model. Moreover, designers claim that they were inspired by diver classics and there is that typical “roughness” preserved. All this sounds nice, so I decided to take a closer look at one of those watches. It is also good opportunity to see “block strap” in action, so there will be plenty to share with you. Let’s start with the video-review, as usual.
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As it was mentioned already, Marus is available in two colors – green and black. There is no need to explain which one was tested by me, but keep in mind that dial color also influences the bezel version. In my opinion green is the highlight of this model and actually lets all additional features to shine. Dial size is 42mm, what makes it reasonably sized and not too huge on your wrist. Note that whole dial features circular brushing, which is rather deep and plays nicely on the bright light.

Color itself comes in interesting shade which is not too saturated, but yet manages to give you slightly different color under various light conditions. This feature is something worth seeing in person, and even the video won’t help to understand how good is the dial here. 🙂 Overall simplicity kept in check with help of rectangular indices. Those are rather on the large side, so you shouldn’t worry about legibility.

Note that date window is situated in the 6″ area. There is no framing around, and indicator itself looks more of dark green color. It looks fine, but I wonder what stopped Sternglas from adding magnifying section to even more differentiate this model from others. Writings are kept to the possible minimum, even though water protection could be smaller to add more space for the beautiful surface finish.

Handset is quite simple at first sight. Take another look and you will notice brushed surface on hour and minute hands. Moreover, seconds hand is full metal, what makes it easier to find on the dial of the Sternglas Marus. Of course, all three have luminous inserts for dark surround.

Night time conditions are not a problem for this watch. Indices and hands have a layer of Nemoto Luminova, which shines bright green in dark. Note that there are no luminous marks on bezel in this version of the watch.


Sternglas Marus comes in stainless steel case with beautiful brushed surfaces. Such finish nicely combines with the dial and makes whole watch look like a serious tool, not as fashion accessory. I am not sure if designers actually aimed for such thing, but it is a good difference from all those shiny things on the market.

Case thickness measures 14mm and weight clocks at 96g, and both numbers are quite reasonable. I have to note that it doesn’t feel too big on average-sized wrist. Moreover, it features brushed finish on case what makes whole assembly a bit more durable to everyday use. Such finish also looks great in person. There are not that many edges on the case, but the ones you will find on the lugs look right in place here and create an elegant styling.

Crown features Sternglas logo and really rough ratcheting. This part is easy to operate, so you just have to unscrew it first. Special finish makes it comfortable to adjust even in the gloves. Again it doesn’t look like an extra part, so you will be pleasantly surprised with the overall appearance. Rear caseback comes without any clear inserts, but features abstract seabed engraving.

Sternglas Marus comes with very beautiful bezel. In the green version it is finished in full metal version and looks amazing. All digits are engraved on it, there are no luminous inserts unfortunately. On the edge you will find rough ratcheting again, what helps to move the part.

It is worth noting that fitment here is absolutely perfect and can easily rival with other watches in the same price range. Part just sits tight, absolutely solid and at first I thought that it is just case top section styled as bezel. It moves with recognisable sound, so you won’t have accidental turns.


Today’s watch features Miyota 8215 automatic caliber with 42 hours power reserve. It is a well-proven movement, but there are few things to mention. There is no hacking, so the seconds hand can’t be stopped even when you adjust the time. Just like any other watch with this movement inside, you will hear a distinct rotor rotation in silent rooms.


Today’s Sternglas Marus comes with so-called Block Strap. Under this name you will find a nice metal bracelet with clasp. Large metal links look great together with stainless steel case and bezel, so such combo is a must-have in my opinion. Clasp also features manufacturer logo and overall adjustment is not that difficult. You just have to get small flathead screwdriver for that. In my case I had to remove for links in order to have watch shortened for the wrist.

There are no additional options in the package, but you can order more from Sternglas. Lug width is 20mm, what is quite popular dimension, so it won’t be difficult to find a replacement. Manufacturer encourage change with addition of quickrelease bars on this bracelet.

In Use

First thing you notice here is the weight. Sternglas Marus might look reasonably-sized, but somehow manages to feel hefty in your hands and on your wrist. Even though weight numbers don’t impress, you actually feel the watch while wearing it. I would say it is exactly on the point when it actually adds the value to the watch.

I like the dial here, as the color shade looks unusual and overall layout stays legible. There were no issues during daytime or night, luminous layer is also good here. Date window might look strange at the first time, and I would rather prefer dateless version, but then you just get used to it. Hands are easy to find thanks to the size, the same can be said about indices.

All the moving parts are tactile enough in order to operate them even in gloves. Crown might be even a bit unforgiving for your fingertips. 😀 Watch sits nicely on your wrist, but for some people it might be a bit of issue to have such long lugs. You can notice on some photos that they are a bit “out” and it can be something to consider if you have thin wrist.

Sternglas Marus – Price and Availability

Today’s watch is available for the price of 500EUR, what seems entirely justified to me. Yes, this is not a perfect from all sides, but it actually manages to bring something fresh to already boring genre of diver watches. In my opinion this is great and might be interesting for you too. Classic minimalism is combined with a modern take on diver watch design, and this actually works here.

Yes, there are only two colors at the moment and one of them is the clear winner to me. It just manages to punch way above its own class, and this is what matters. Assembly quality, all the small details and features combine into a serious timepiece which can rival with some popular mainstream choices. Yes, it can’t offer some sophisticated caliber, but as a good everyday choice Marus would be a surprisingly good pick. Of course, the final word is after you, but believe me, it is worth taking a look. 😉

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