Sinn Duoflex – Diver’s Delight

I think we are going to start talking more about this topic. Watch straps are quite important and it would be cool to learn more about them. Today we will take a look at the new Sinn Duoflex straps system. I would like to note that we’ve met this product before, but now it is introduced as separate accessory. Bonus point if you can say which model was the first with this strap. Let’s check what makes it special.
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Serious package for “just the strap”

Quick to Adjust

First and the most important advantage of this strap is adjustment system. Frankly speaking, I’ve never went diving with watch and I am not professional, so I can’t tell you all details. Nevertheless, it is important to have possibility to extend or shorten strap length without any extra actions. Here it is done with help of special metal clasp. Simple and easy to use, Sinn Duoflex should save some time even in everyday use. I would give bonus point for matte surface which will be more scratch resistant.

Matte is the way to go!

Quick to Change

As I wrote before, we saw this system on “helicopter watch” from the same company. When I asked if this strap will be sold separately, Sinn representatives were just smiling, but now we see the result. 🙂 Quite surprising feature was quick-change design without any additional tools. Just fold one of the strap ends, push it outside and it will pop from the springbar. Even more impessive is that everything stays in place while worn on your wrist. I tried to remove it in all possible positions, but it stayed put. In other words, everything is reliable and simple here.

It should be noted that strap comes with special adapters which will be fixed in place. I wonder if Duoflex can be used straight on the standard bars. Nevertheless, those adapters don’t look off and fit nicely on U-series (44 mm size) watch from the same brand.

Sinn Duoflex – Things to Note

New product should be available immediately. Strap will be supplied in blue, green, black, white and red colors. This is quite extensive choice and I am sure you will find something suitable for your timepiece. Everything is packed into nice box and can be purchased either as an upgrade while ordering new Sinn U-watch or as separate set in case you already have German diver timepiece. Of course, my mind has two questions – is it possible to use those straps with standard springbars and how is it possible to fit new accessory on non-Sinn diver watch.

We can agree that simple German design would look good combined with watch. So now let’s wait until I get my hands on this product. 😀

Pure German engineering-art 😉

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