Sinn 104 St Sa G A Review

Here is the first report from Baselworld 2019, and straightaway it is dedicated to fresh Sinn 104 St Sa G A. Under such strange name you will find good-looking watch. Moreover, manufacturer decided to produce it as Limited Edition, and I can bet that those will be sold out fast. Nevertheless, we had a chance to try this watch and ready to share our impression with you.
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Green Shine

Yes, the main thing in this watch is that glittery green dial, which looks hypnotizing. Frankly speaking, even polished watch case doesn’t distract you from THE feature. I have to admit that in person it looks even better than on the photos, so take a look, try it before making decision. Some might say that it works with every watch, but here we have special case, when whole idea of the design can be different under various light angles. To give you full picture, I will summarize it like this: Sinn 104 is called as “pilot watch” by German watchmaker and now it will be accompanied by green metallic on the dial. Sounds quite unusual for strict German style, right?

In my opinion this is why green color actually looks good here. New shade is not obstructed by some weird dial features. Clean layout lets you focus on the main thing, and it is nice. All those indices are typical for German watchmaker and should be easy to read in any situation.

Unusual Ticket

Don’t look for other differences because there are none extra. Only the dial color will differ, but this feature definitely worth its money. Don’t forget that you will get elegant timepiece with ETA 2836-2 movement inside. Sapphire glass, water resistance, clear rear wall – all those features can be found here as well. More important is the fact that creators managed to keep everything in attractive form and final result doesn’t look like some weird “bling-bling” edition.

Rare Green

Main thing to remember is that Sinn 104 St Sa G A comes as Limited Edition. Whole production will be stopped at 500 pieces. Yes, you read it right, and there will be only five hundred watches with green dial. I have no doubt that those will be sold out fast and it is better to hurry up if you want to get one. Another advantage is that prices set at quite reasonable level, so you will be able to get this watch without spending whole fortune. Don’t forget to watch our video-report in order to see newcomer from all angles.

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