Nomos Tangente Sport Brings Weight

Today’s watch is one of the most beautiful presented on Baselworld 2019 – this is new Nomos Tangente Sport. German watchmaker decided to go into new genre – sport watches with good water protection. Here it is fixed at 1000 ft, but that’s not all about the newcomer. Take a look at photos and you will understand what I am talking about. New metal strap brings look on the new level, so it was interesting to see everything in person.
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First of all it is difficult not to notice increased weight of the watch. Of course, you won’t feel it from photos or video, but believe me – new model is heavier than previous releases. There are several reasons for this. First of all we have robust metal case here. Size is measured at 42 mm and water protection defined as “suitable for diving” by Nomos. Nevertheless, manufacturer managed to keep transparent rear cover, so you will be able to appreciate in-house calibre in all its beauty. Another typical diver watch thing is a crown protection. Screwable crown secured from both sides and this feature actually adds visual interest to this watch.

Nevertheless, there is one thing that is even heavier – bracelet. Nomos Tangente Sport comes with new type, which is assembled out of 145 parts. Let’s not forget about the fact that assembly is done by hands. In person this thing looks great and seats tight on your wrist. Locking ensured by typical clasp system with polished finish. Basically we get this brushed bracelet in between polished case on the top and shiny clasp on the bottom. I am not sure how long clasp will survive everyday wearing, but it looks good. I recommend to watch video in order to see it with your own eyes. Keep in mind that those bracelets won’t be sold separately (at least for now), so if you want one – buy new watch. 🙂


Clean design should come handy if you will actually go diving with this watch. Dial is easy to read and features date window at 3′ hours mark. Note also color combinations – somehow designers managed to stay away from strictly masculine look and this watch would look equally good on lady’s wrist. If you don’t believe me – check our video-report above. While we are talking about colors, it is worth mentioning that Nomos Tangente Sport will come in light and dark versions. I would say both are unisex and somehow I like light one more. It should be interesting to see which one will be more popular.

Another thing which Nomos was proud to announce – extra luminous covering of the dial. This is sand-colored Superluminova which is quite bright in the dark. On the photos and video you can actually see which parts received this special finish.

Nomos Tangente Sport – Availability

New watch should be available in April. In my opinion German watchmaker managed to bring us quite impressive mix of qualities and design. Moreover, this metal bracelet is just gorgeous in real life. The only thing that still keeps me wondering is the case finish. What about brushed case combined with brushed bracelet and brushed clasp? I bet this mix will look amazing.

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