Nomos Orion – Gold is Back

Today we can continue our talk about German watches. This time I suggest to take a look at Nomos Orion in two new versions. Original watch is quite well-known among fans of this German brand, but now we get slightly revised designs which look great. Well, we didn’t talk about Orion before, so I think it is worth checking what is actually supplied in such sleek package. Let’s take a closer look together.
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Just like in the previous model we discussed several days ago, Nomos decided to revamp the dial here. This time the main source of inspiration was classic jewellery. Designers tried to replicate the elegant clean look in this new version. In my opinion they successfully achieved beautiful styling which won’t get old. Whole design is quite subtle and easily recognisable as Nomos. Moreover, watch is available in two sizes, so it can be a perfect gift for two, if you know what I mean.

Of course, dial is hand-built. It means that main plate is hand-polished and indices are applied manually one after another. In my opinion this is something what makes Nomos special – handwork and nothing extra. Moreover, both versions offer option of custom engraving what would make your choice even more special. 🙂


I mentioned two sizes available – there will be 33 and 38mm models. In my opinion both have the chance to be on man’s or lady’s wrist. Even the biggest one is quite subtle and doesn’t look large, thanks to clean and clear lines of the case shape. Crown is not that big, but should be ease to operate. By the way, rear cover is transparent, so you can see the movement inside.

Nomos Orion – Availability

Both watches should be already available for purchase. As I wrote before, this might be a great choice for those who search a “pair combo”. Reasonable sizes will make it easy to wear and elegant design will stay beautiful for years to come. Nomos promises reasonable price which should make new versions attractive. Both are not limited in amount produced, but I would recommend to hurry as it looks like global shortage keeps touching more and more things.

As usual, I wish you a nice week and more nice watches in your collection.

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