Meistersinger Vintago Hands On – Reimagined Style

One-hand watches from this company should be familiar to you, but today we are going to talk about new model – Meistersinger Vintago hands on with real watch. Name clearly hints that creators wanted to use vintage styling in order to get something different. Well, I had a chance to play with all versions of this model, and now we can discuss it in more detailed way. There are several important moments that show some movement in the company, let’s talk about them. Don’t forget to watch video below in order to see watch from all sides. 😉
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Back in Time

I won’t argue – somehow all vintage and old things got into the mainstream, and now everybody tries to use some classic cues in their new products. Fortunately here this is not the case. Authors didn’t apply patina and weird shades. Instead, they just redesigned classic Meistersinger layout. We still get clean dial, but this time it looks more sophisticated due to several features.

First of all take a look at the hand. Of course, there is still only one hand, because otherwise this watch won’t be named as Meistersinger Vintago. Nevertheless, some of you and me too complained that hand was too plain and could be a bit more “3D” in order to bring visual interest. Well, here it is bent. Take a careful look, and you will notice that sharp end goes down together with glass. Quite neat feature which doesn’t jump into your eyes, but still looks good. Note that glass curve is quite smooth and “plain” area is quite small. This feature brings this vintage feel and doesn’t look out of place on the new watch.

Second, you can see on the photos that Vintago has multi-layered dial. Right in the center there is another “level”, and that’s quite unusual for German brand. I am also surprised how it works together with bent glass. Add here wide date window and you will get unusual combo.

There is one more thing – 38 mm brushed case. Unlike other models in Meistersinger product range, here we get almost matte finish, which looks strict and serious. Moreover, such styling will be handy in everyday use – it will display less scratches and scuffs. Small size should look good on any occasion, and it is always good to see that at least some brands don’t suffer with giant-sizing their models. Rear cover is open, so owner will be able to appreciate beautiful finish inside as well.

Meistersinger Vintago Hands On and Available Colors

Inside Meistersinger Vintago manufacturer installed Selita calibre, which is more than enough for such watch. There will be four different versions, so I am sure that you will find suitable one. Moreover, there might be new colors in the future if new lineup will be popular. All watches should be available from April, so if you were thinking about new watch for reasonable price, this might be a perfect candidate.

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