Nomos Club Sport Blue – Holiday Choice

Today we continue checking recent novelties and can talk about Nomos Club Sport Blue. This is a fresh version of the well-known model from German watchmaker. The main feature is in the color, as you can guess from its name. Nomos managed to create even more attractive combo and in my opinion it is worth discussing in this article. By the way, newcomer should be already available, so you can get it on official website.
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We can start with the main hero here – blue dial which looks just amazing. Take a careful look at the photos here and you will see what I am talking about. Designers picked the right shade which just works with classic Club Sport design. It doesn’t look cheap and should be suitable for any occasion.

Moreover, we get sunburst finish here, which would play nicely on the bright light. Other features stayed the same, and indices together with hands would shine bright blue in the dark. Don’t forget that the overall size is 42mm.

Bracelet and Movement

As it was mentioned before, Nomos Club Sport Blue features completely new steel bracelet. This accessory looks great together with clean case lines. In my opinion such thing would be easy to wear without any additional issues. You can also get some additional options as Nomos has the great choice available.

Movement inside can be seen behind clear caseback. We get 300m water protection, so watch is ready for any challenge. By the way, it is automatic DUW 6101 installed inside.

Nomos Club Sport Blue – Price and Availability

New watch should be available immediately. In my opinion it is a great combination of color and shape which will be timeless. Moreover, it is definitely a good choice for a “one watch collection”. Sleek design will be suitable in any situation, so you won’t have any issues here. By the way, this is not a Limited Edition, so all fans will get a chance to buy one for their collection. 😀

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