Nomos Autobahn Director’s Cut Limited Edition – Full Throttle

I guess we continue with German watches and check another interesting novelty from a well-known brand. Nomos surprised us recently with a special release – Autobahn Director’s Cut Limited Edition. As you can guess from the name, we will get the famous Autobahn model in special colors which were chosen by its designer. Moreover, it should be extremely limited release, so I decided to to take a closer look at least via official pics and info. As usual, let’s start with the dial first.
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There are three color versions in the new release. Nomos Autobahn Director’s Cut Limited Edition can be bought with black, blue or white dial, and in my opinion the light version is the most beautiful out of three. Nevertheless, it is matter of personal taste, who knows, maybe you will prefer a different type. Note that color shades are similar to those of classic cars in 60’s. Moreover, dial looks a bit more colorful in comparison with typical offers which we are used to see from Nomos. These bright blocks in the middle add a splash of color and make whole composition a bit “lighter”. Note that only light version gets blue seconds hand.

Another notable thing about the dial – its three-dimension design. Color blocks are slightly raised over the surface, while the seconds dial is placed in concaved spot. These design cues also add visual interest to the whole composition and I like how they combine together. Note also the date window, which shows three numbers at once. It somehow reminds of dials on the old cars. Traditional sleek font only adds to this effect, and I really like it.


Case is quite simple here – elegant polished steel part with sharp lugs on both sides. Note that crown is not that big in dimension, so it might be a bit tricky to work with. Nevertheless, there is a special beauty in these clean lines and I am glad that Nomos didn’t add anything extra. Moreover, rear cover is transparent, so you will be able to appreciate automatic movement inside.


Nomos Autobahn Director’s Cut Limited Edition also gets a special treatment in form of metal bracelet. This add-on will be available only in the special release, and it looks great. As you can see on the photos, designers decided to copy the famous rally straps, and therefore we get holes in the thin metal bracelet. The only question is how good this thing would be to fit on your wrist. Well, I can’t say for sure as I don’t have access to actual watch.

Nomos Autobahn Director’s Cut Limited Edition – Availability

New release should be available immediately. Don’t forget that this is a Limited Edition, so there will be only 175 watches in each of three colors. In my opinion this is an interesting choice for those who search for something unusual yet elegant. I like this styling and in my opinion this design would age nicely. The only thing that makes me think is the bracelet because I usually have hard time with such type. Who knows, maybe this release would be a game-changer. In the worst case you can order some replacement from Nomos as well. 🙂

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