Nomos Duo – For You and Your Second Half

Nomos Duo name hints on the main feature – watches come only with two hands on the dial. Nevertheless, this is not the final thing here. Watchmaker also offers possibility to combine pair of watches for him and her. Official press-release names it as replacement for wedding rings. Well, let’s take a look at Duo first.
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Two Handed

Once again, Nomos Duo comes as single watch which has two hands and clean design. Yes, I think of two watches in one box, but here we would get only one. 🙂 Well, this model is more suitable for women because of tiny case size. 33mm make it nice everyday partner on delicate wrists. I won’t be that firm on targeting of this watch. There are some men who would prefer to have small watch too, so who knows…

I think it is useless to describe design here. From the first sight it is easy to understand that this is Nomos watch, not some other brand. Silver case works nice with gold hands and white dial. Clean layout should be easy to read. Depending on the model you would get indices, digits or roman numerals. Another thing that varies – case shape, it can be square or circle.

No Rings

Here comes the idea I personally like – combination of watches in the similar design. Nomos suggests to replace classic rings with watches. Well, it is cool thing to do and possibility to get matching combination is also nice. Let’s not forget about engraving service which lets you put some special message on the rear cover. Of course, you can do it somewhere else, but it is better to open box and see it there right away.

Nomos Duo – When and Where?

The only thing I can say to conclude is that now you have perfect excuse to get new watch. Moreover, this purchase would actually make your second half happy. You just have to decide which model both would like to wear. Tiny Duo will be interesting for small wrists, be it man or lady. 😉

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