Nomos Metro Rose Gold 33 – Small is Good

Recent big-size trend doesn’t stop even with vintage models coming out. Nevertheless, new Nomos Metro Rose Gold 33 goes in opposite direction. Two digits in its name hint on the case size. Such dimensions make it the smallest Metro model up to date. Main question for us – is it ok to have such watch on man’s wrist? Let’s take a closer look at what is offered here.
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Golden Wonder

I guess all main features are hidden in the name of this watch. Rose Gold hints on the case color and material. Watch “body” is tiny here and made out of 18kt rose gold. This is actually the second watch with gold in its case. First was Neomatik 39, but now we get a chance to buy smaller package with even more refined finish. By the way, photo below perfectly shows difference between Neomatik and new Metro.

Yes, it is THAT small 🙂

German watchmaker released a lot of interesting stuff before. Those were stainless steel watches, be it good or bad. Metro Rose Gold 33 looks good in this color. In my opinion it was the right decision to pick something different from typical shiny polished steel. At the same time I can say that such watch would look good even on man’s wrist. Note that rear cover is transparent here and you can appreaciate movement inside.

Yes, it is Rose Gold, but take a look at the photos. This tiny watch should be ok both on thin femine wrist and also under sleeve of man’s shirt. I can say that I won’t mind against such addition in my collection as well. Grey strap strengthens this image and makes new watch universal and easy to combine with any outfit.

Precious Details

Small size made designers to pay even more attention to various elements. For example, take a look at lugs. Those thin bars only add refinement to new watch. In my opinion both parts remind of vintage old watches and their small welded in wires for straps attachment. Yes, such design will put its requirements on the straps, but this is necessary sacrifice. Are we ok with that? 😉

Nomos Metro Rose Gold 33 Crown Close Up Photo
Mirror? Nah, just new Nomos

My favorite element in the new Metro is the crown. Tiny element is pure work of art here. Yes, such design was used in Nomos watch before, but this time it was taken to extreme. Polished, with manufacturer logo, small crown may be one of the main eye-catchers in the new release. Keep in mind it is mirror-like polished and you will have to be extra careful in order to avoid possible scratches.

Nomos Metro Rose Gold 33 side view
Polished goodness

The Strap

Simple and nice

Nomos Metro Rose Gold 33 – Availability

New watch should be available from September. Nomos Metro Rose Gold 33 might be a perfect gift for your second half. What about double set out of those watches? I guess it is not that feminine and girlfriend will be happy to have matching timepieces. The only question whether you are brave enough to put Rose Gold watch on your wrist? 😉 Small size will be handy in everyday use, so it is definitely worth thinking about.

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