Sternglas Naos Edition Bauhaus – Anniversary Gift

Few days ago we published review with nice Topograph watch from this brand. Nevertheless, today we are going to talk about Sternglas Naos Edition Bauhaus. This is different story because this watch will be released in a limited amount. It is made in order to celebrate 100th anniversary of Bauhaus. Special watch for reasonable price? Sounds interesting, so let’s take a look.
Here you can read review with Topograph.
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Sternglas Naos Edition Bauhaus Front View

Main Principle

If you don’t know, Bauhaus is one of the main pillars used for Sternglas watches design. Each model is created in accordance to famous design principles and that’s why we can enjoy “clean” and easy to read layout. I hope now you understand why German watchmaker decided to produce special watch for this occasion. Sternglas Naos Edition Bauhaus comes in special finish, and here is what was changed.

Sternglas Naos Bauhaus Edition Side View

First and the most noticeable change can be found on the dial. Here internal section is finished in white and external – in black. Combined together they create quite unusual styling which is still easy to read. I am glad that it doesn’t look weird and whole design looks complete. Otherwise it stayed the same as classic Naos. There is one more thing to mention though.

Special Mark

Turn over new watch and you will see another exclusive thing. Whole rear cover features Bauhaus engraving. Sternglas also placed number engraving for each watch. It should look like 1/250, so I wonder how to get some specific number… 😀

Rear Engraving

Sternglas Naos Edition Bauhaus – Sold Out?!

The main thing here is that new watch price is set at mere 220 EUR. Sounds reasonable, right? Well, whole edition is marked as sold out at the moment. I think there is a way to get one if you search thoroughly. The only thing I can say – let’s hope that Sternglas will continue releasing such Limited Editions more often. What about full white Topograph? 😉

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