Frederique Constant Yacht Timer Get Two New Models

Even though summer ended and now September is alsmost over, we still can enjoy some sun on islands. Frederique Constant Yacht Timer watches might the right choice for such adventure. Moreover, Swiss watchbrand just added two new model and we are going to talk about them here. First one has “GMT” in its name and another one called “Regatta Countdown”. I suggest we check them one by one.
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White GMT Version hides day-night indicator…

Frederique Constant Yacht Timer GMT

I would like to start with GMT version of this watch. It is not difficult to guess what is the main function of this version. In my opinion it is one of the most recognisable complications and now we get it in Frederique Constant watch. Note that designers decided to get rid of day-night indicator and place black-and-white dial here. Such layout should be easy to read from the first sight.

42mm watch comes in two versions – light and dark one. Black dial is cheaper and in my opinion looks way better than the white color. Well, it is matter of personal taste too. White dial hides the day-night circle, so I would recommend to keep it in mind. The light colored watch comes with leather strap and dark one is combined with metal bracelet. The latter features gold-colored elements. Price difference? It should be around 100 USD. It is worth noting that both versions will be packed together with extra rubber strap.

Frederique Constant Yacht Timer Regatta Countdown

Second model is a bit more sophisticated and features special complication. It is important to remind that previous watch came out way back in 1997 (22 years, feeling old?). Designers decided to keep dial untouched, so we still get nice clean layout which looks classy. Main thing here – five points on the top section of dial. This is 10-minute counter which can be used to count minutes before start.

Some of you might wonder how come we have 5 points which will count 10 minutes? Here comes the interesting thing – during first five minutes each dot will become blue. Next five minutes will bring orange color into those dots. Sounds like interesting thing to look at and I can bet that it will be used as perfect countdown timer. No need to be on yacht in order to use 10 minute period, right? 😉

Traditions and Style

Both watches come as revival of the old series from Swiss watchmaker. They should be available for order immediately. GMT version will be sold for 1995 USD and Regatta Countdown should have 3195 USD price tag. In my opinion it is quite reasonable amount for Swiss watch. The only thing I would keep in mind – huge amount of possible alternatives, so it won’t be an easy choice to do.

Orange dots indicate second five-minute interval

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