Auguste Reymond Heritage 1891 Review

Today whole article will be dedicated to Auguste Reymond Heritage 1891. Frankly speaking, I somehow missed the moment when this brand returned back to business. There were some interesting events in the previous years, but it looks like now watchmaker is ready to create more and surprise us. Well, today’s watch will not shock you with unusual styling or some special movement. Nevertheless, it was interesting to see if this blue-dialed timepiece can be a good solid option in a classic style. I decided to go with blue color, but there are some other available. As usual, I suggest to watch video-review first and then move to our traditional article. 🙂
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In our review you will see blue-dial version. Keep in mind that Auguste Reymond also offers some other combinations. Nevertheless, this color looks quite impressive in person, so I decided to dedicate whole article to it. As you might guess, watch comes in a classic styling, so there are no unusual quirks on the dial. We get clear legible element, which is pleasure to look at.

Blue color here is not solid and disperses in smooth gradient, what looks even more impressive in person. Note that there is no additional sunray finish, only color print, even though some additional engraving could be nice in this styling. All indices are applied and feature luminous insert. Moreover, there is also an outer scale with a bit more detailed marks, but it is quite subtle and doesn’t break “clean look” of the watch.

Handset on Auguste Reymond Heritage 1891 comes in silver color, just like indices. Hour and minute hands are quite large, so it should be easy to find them on the dial. Moreover, each has quite large luminous insert. Note that seconds hand is a completely different thing. Unlike its bigger counterparts, this element is very thin and reminds of rapier. AR logo on the other end is a nice touch, which looks neat in real life. Picture don’t do justice to this element.

As for the logos, manufacturer manage to stay in reasonable amount and not overdo the overall amount of things on the dial. You will find AR logo, brand name, “automatic” and “swiss made”. It is good to see that all of those are finished in the same font, so there are no weird combinations on the dial. Heritage 1891 features date window, which is finished in white color. There is no framing for this area, but borders are slightly angled and it looks like just enough.

I already mentioned that there are luminous inserts on hands and indices. Don’t expect diver watch level of night time performance, but it is just enough to see all things in the dark. Each of these light up in deep green color, which looks nice and easy to find. Of course, whole dial is covered with sapphire glass.


Today’s watch comes in 42mm size. This is a reasonable number which should be universal for any wrist. I would recommend to see if bracelet will sit nicely on your hand, but we will talk about it later. What is notable here is weight – 167g is hard not to notice, so you should be ready for such thing. Overall styling looks classic – smooth and clean edges with mirror polishing on them.

Whole dial is enframed with raised edge, what adds a bit of visual interest to the watch. Note that crown sits proudly on the right side as usual. There is no crown protection or any other additional element, what helps to keep the classic styling. This part also features AR logo on the frontal side.

Rear cover comes with transparent insert, so whole movement is visible through it. Water protection is clocked at 100m, what is enough for everyday use. Overall thickness is reasonable, so you won’t have a problem with hiding this watch under your sleeve.

Movement and Bracelet

Inside you will find AR200 movement which is based on Selita SW200 automatic caliber. Power reserve is 42 hours, what might not look like a lot, but should be enough for everyday use. As you remember, movement can be appreciated through clear rear caseback.

Today’s version comes with metal bracelet, but you can also pick the watch with leather strap. In my opinion today’s combo is the best for this styling and leather doesn’t look as good. Moreover, strap continues mix of surfaces just like on the case. This makes it look sleek with the whole watch and complete the image of elegant timepiece.

Double clasp features AR logo from both sides. Buttons are easy to find and press, so it won’t be a difficult thing to do. There is no quick release here, so you will need tools in order to remove or shorten this bracelet. Of course, it won’t be difficult to find a replacement, but I am not sure it would be worth it.

In Use

For the In Use section I have only two words to sum up whole experience – polished surfaces. Either you will be extra careful in order to keep them intact, or you will get scuffs all over. Well, some think watches should tell the story, so why not, right? Moreover, Heritage 1891 can be named as “dress watch”, what explains such abundance of mirror polishing.

Size here is no the problem, and I am sure that watch will sit nicely even on thin wrists. Legibility is good, thanks to clear dial with relatively large hands. Date window looks surprisingly in place here. I know there there are few things that could be improved, but who knows, maybe we will see it in future upgrades.

There are not that many things to operate on this watch, so in this sense I can’t say much. Crown is manageable, and I doubt that you will have to deal with it in gloves or any other complicated conditions. Bracelet clasp is also good, easy to put on and off your wrist.

Packaging is quite good, wooden box is right in place here, even though manufacturer could have added at least one additional strap in package. Original tool for bracelet would be also welcome. 🙂

Auguste Reymond Heritage 1891 – Price and Availability

It is worth reminding that today’s watch available in several colors. All of them can be bought now in Helveti webshop. Price tag is set at 1500EUR, what brings this watch in a highly competitive market segment. We all understand there will be other offers, but the final choice will depend on what are you searching for.

Today’s watch offers a classic styling with beautiful finish. It might look too clean at the first sight, but you grow to appreciate it with time. There are no additional features or unusual design cues, just elegant styling which won’t get old with the time. Nevertheless, it looks in place with various outfits in different situations. Moreover, you won’t be going with a mass and having just another watch from mainstream brand.

If all of this sounds good to you, then definitely take a look at Heritage 1891. In my opinion it can prove a decent choice for those who search for something timeproof and Swiss made. 🙂

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