Lifestyle: Strict and Functional Kitchen


Photos by: Marina Kim

When you have your kitchen in a reserved and dedicated room, you have a freedom to choose any design – it is a standalone project. It plays differently, when it is part of the bigger space combined with a living room: it cannot contradict the tones, yet you want a clear distinction between the two areas. Today’s project is exactly that – strict color palette and textures but functional kitchen in the common space.

Let’s start with the tea/coffee area

Any cravings for morning bite and hot beverage can be satisfied in one spot. Smeg electric kettle for tea lovers, Jura coffee machine for coffee enthusiasts, and retractable storage space with your favorite snacks set you well for the day.

Moving on to the sink area

Washing fruits and berries with a flexible shower tap in a deep 19cm two-parted Blanco sink makes the process easier – no splashes, wide water coverage, separate and sort washed and unwashed items, rotate the tap left and right, alternate between shower and regular water flow.

To allow this spacious sink, you can still easily access the dish soap from the dispenser. No more bottles in sight. To fill up the container located below the sink, just lift the dispenser cap, no need to crawl under.

Unsatisfied with the quality of tap water for drinking? This Franke Vital Tap with a dedicated tap for filtering should be on your radar. Replaceable filters purify the water from 99% of bacteria, easy installation and maintenance. Offered in 3-filters packs, each filter lasts for 500 liters, and will blink with red light to notify you when it approaches its cleaning capacity.

Let’s move to the working area.

Washing, cutting, kneading. Everything is within reach: chopping boards, knifes, oil, spices, you name it.

All accessories are Blum. That is why all cabinets and drawers are so smooth and quiet.

Now your hands are wet or covered with something, and you need more light. Motion sensor is right above you and within reach, just wave your hand next to this little black circle.

Cooking area is here.

This Whirlpool 6th Sense induction stove in black is what will excite you:

  • easy cleaning – just wipe it with microfiber cloth
  • fast cooking – power mode to boil water in under 2 minutes
  • safe operation – child lock, disengages if in contact with non-induction surfaces, timer for each cooking zone
  • “assisted cooking” – simmering, boiling, melting and more modes to free up your hands and mind
  • “connexion” zone – combine two cooking zones for bigger dishes that don’t fit into one

Cooking temperature is high and so is getting in the room. To keep your kitchen from steam and aromas, we have a hood in-built into the top cabinet. Remember, our kitchen is combined with a living room, so we need a more powerful hood. Faber’s capacity in our project is 660 m3/h.

Now this is the most interesting feature in our project.

What do you do when your working area is just not enough for more sophisticated meals?

We have a solution for you. Just roll it out a retractable table and use this additional working space.

Two wheels is what moves the table over the floor, but a rail is holding the other side. This rail is spread along the sink and tea/coffee area. No need to build a permanent island, this table saves precious space and appears only when needed.

With a standard height of the bottom cabinets, we had to compromise the size of a standard dishwasher, but not the quality. Siemens is 45cm height, 60cm width and still fitting 6 sets.

All in all, this is a winner in our eyes. Elegant lines, no handles that would distract from surfaces, strict color tones, a mix of textures, and maximum functionality.

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