Breitling Super AVI – New Co-Pilot

Today we are going to check new release from the famous Swiss watchmaker. Breitling Super AVI comes as new take on pilot watches and brings four different models named as well-known aircraft. The main feature here is the large size of the case, so this is definitely not the right choice for thin wrists. All four are inspired by aviation heritage and designers did their best in order to catch the spirit of the famous airplanes. Let’s take a closer look at each of them.
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Breitling Super AVI P-51 Mustang

Yes, first one is named as the famous US fighter aircraft. I think P-51 doesn’t need an extra introduction, but it was interesting to see what designers will pick as the main features for this model. There will be two versions – one with stainless steel case and black dial, and another one in red gold case with anthracite dial. Both look great, but I am more a fan of stainless steel version.

Just take a look at the photo below – this polished bezel and dark color of the dial created a purposeful look together. The only thing I am not sure is using patina on the indices, I know some watch fans don’t like such thing, especially considering the fact that gold version features white-colored digits.

Breitling Super AVI Tribute to Vought F4U Corsair

Next watch honours the famous bent-wing aircraft – F4U Corsair. I think the main hint which will remind you about the Vought creation is the blue colour of the dial. As you can see on the photo below, all the main cues remain the same, so the watch is instantly recognisable as Breitling. In my opinion such combo looks great, all digits are white-coloured and black strap looks sleek together with steel case.

Breitling Super AVI Curtiss Warhawk

Next watch is also dedicated to American aircraft. Nevertheless, it is a bit older, yet very recognisable type – P-40. It is also supplied in steel case, but dial comes in olive green this time. Note that we also get red accents which should remind of the famous P-40 markings with shark mouths. This model gets slightly different design for subdials as they are supplied in contrasting colour and therefore a bit easier to find.

Breitling Super AVI Mosquito

Next one might sound familiar to you as Swiss watchmaker already released some Limited Editions dedicated to the famous wooden wonder. Nevertheless, this time we get different design finished with all fresh cues. Things get interesting here because this is the only watch out of four with the black bezel. Add some white accents and you will see quite sharp design in large size. Oh, another notable thing is set of red hands. Yes, main ones, what is quite unexpected in comparison with other three watches.

Breitling AVI – Price and Availability

So all three watches should be available immediately and these are not Limited Edition models. In other words you shouldn’t be worried that they will go away quickly, but still it is better to hurry considering shortages everywhere. Yes, the size choice is rather on the large side, so be ready for that. From the other side, you can expect four beautiful chronos from Swiss watchmaker. In my opinion they might be a great choice for all aviation fans out there.

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