Tissot PRX40 Review

Today we are going to talk about new Tissot PRX40. This is a sports watch in stainless steel case designed with recognizable queues. I guess there is no need to say what exactly is copied here, right? Nevertheless, newcomer looks original and avoids plain copying “in scale”. This is what made me check new watch and try to find out what makes it so attractive that it got sold out really quick. Let’s take a closer look together. First, I recommend to check video-review, where I show all parts even closer.
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You might notice that I decided to check golden-silver version. In my opinion this is the best-looking watch out of three (other two are black and blue), because others look dark and boring. Of course, it is a personal taste, but definitely give a chance to light version. It is the one which highlights the main features of the dial, makes them a bit more prominent and easier to notice.

First of all, you will see brushed surface of the dial. Here it comes in light silver color and looks just right in place. Applied golden indices feature mirror-polishing, so they also create reflections on the bright light.

I am glad to see that PRX40 is not overloaded with various writings on the dial. We have manufacturer/model logo and “Swiss Made” here. It gives us clean styling without anything extra. Handset is standard – hours and minutes with thin seconds hand. All three come in brushed gold. Light-colored date window can be found in a typical area, and it doesn’t look out of place. I am not huge fan of date indicators, but here is just fine and your eyes won’t stumble over this element.

Nighttime performance is surprisingly good. Indices and hands are covered with light-blue luminous layer, so it will be easy to read the time. Of course, this is not the level of diving watches, but it should be enough for everyday use. You can see it in action in our video-review.


This is stainless steel sports watch, so case plays as important role as the dial. Designers have managed to create classic-shaped part with several polishing styles combined together. They work nicely and don’t look cheap. Well, it is safe to say that attention to small details here actually makes whole watch feel as something more expensive. Whole shape is symmetrical over horizontal axis and looks like future classic which won’t get old. Case width equals to 40mm and overall thickness here is 10.4mm.Moreover, note that in profile two circles are crossed by crossed by center “plane” what creates thin silhouette. It is a really nice touch which looks just right here.

While we look at the side profile, it is worth noting the crown here. This part features “T” engraving on it, but size might be tricky for some. As you can notice, there is no guard protection, but small crown is still tricky to take out for those who have big fingers. Add here polished side edges and it might be even more “funny” experience. I wouldn’t say it is the deal-breaker, but be careful while trying to adjust time.

Overall weight equals 130g, and that is fine amount for PRX40. It doesn’t feel heavy, but it is also not too light, so it doesn’t feel cheap. It is just hefty piece of metal with noticeable presence on your wrist.

By the way, rear cover here is full metal part, there are no transparent inserts. Central section is completely empty, so it might be a good idea to engrave something there. 🙂 Water protection is clocked at 100m, so PRX40 is ready for swimming.


Let’s say it straightaway – Tissot PRX40 features quartz movement inside, and there is no other option. At first I was wondering whether Swiss brand would be generous enough to put at least manual-winding movement inside. Well, evidently, no, so you will have to live with ETA F06.115 swiss quartz movement. I still hope that in the future we would see the same style with automatic movement inside, even though it might cost more. As for the functions of the quartz movement, we get a standard set together with date indicator. Of course, you won’t be able to see it through the rear cover.


Whole sports watch design is based on a strong fusion between three main parts – dial, case and bracelet. I have to say that Tissot PRX40 features surprisingly great bracelet which feels several levels above its price tag.

Overall finish and material quality is really great and works nicely with the case. There is one thing to mention – you will find quickrelease springs inside. I am not sure what for they might be needed, but maybe we would see some original accessories in the future. In case you are interested – strap width equals to 12mm. Frankly speaking, I like PRX40 as it is and don’t recommend to install leather or textile. This watch should stay “complete” to preserve its charm. 🙂

Oh, clasp also features “Tissot” logo, just in case you need a small reminder on which watch you have on your wrist.

In Use

First of all I have to mention again the size of this watch. In my opinion, designers found the perfect balance between size and readability of the dial. PRX40 sits nicely on my wrist which I consider as average-sized. 🙂 Moreover, it should look fine on thin wrists. Slightly different situation would be with thicker wrists because there are no extra links included and standard bracelet is not that wide. If you have big wrists it is better to try this watch before buying it. I also wonder if Tissot is able to supply additional links for extension. Well, you can always completely remove the bracelet with help of quickrelease.

As for today’s color version, light shade provides perfect readability and I am not sure why everybody is obsessed with dark versions. Well, it is matter of personal taste, but definitely give a try to silver-gold watch. Somehow this combo “just works” and I grew to like it more and more.

Tissot PRX40 – Price and Availability

Ok, price tag should be fixed around 450USD. In my opinion this is an expectable level for a Swiss watch with elegant design. Yes, such price puts PRX40 in a quite tricky market area where you can find automatic watches as well. This will be the main question for this model – are you fine with quartz caliber inside? Negative reply would be expected from those who would like to have automatic movement and don’t want to live with battery-powered watch, even the good-looking one.

If your answer is positive, then you should definitely get this watch. PRX40 has all the chances to become a future classic and current demand only supports this opinion. Tissot has managed to create a truly impressive design and combine it with good build quality. Such watch might be a good choice for a one-watch-collection, and it will be suitable in different situations.

There are three versions available now, but considering the overall success, there is great possibility to see more in the future. It would be a shame not to develop this line by adding more color variety.

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