Mido Ocean Star 200C Review

Today’s watch comes from the brand we haven’t reviewed before. Mido Ocean Star 200C is a classic-styled diver watch made by Swiss watchmaker. I have to note that today’s version has way more complex name – M042.430.11.091.00. Let’s agree to call it as Mido Ocean Star 200C, just remember that this numbers combo will get you exactly the same green watch as on the photos and video. 🙂 Here we can start with traditional video-review, where you will be able to check watch from all possible angles.
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In my opinion this part is the main showstopper of today’s watch. Deep green shade with engraved pattern looks amazing in person, but manages to stay elegant and avoid “in your face” effect. The same dial style is available in blue color as well, but I decided to tell you more about green one.

So the first thing first, we have matte blue backing with angled shapes, which kind of mimic waves. Moreover, this is not a sharp-edged engraving, so smooth edges also add to the sleekness of the whole composition.

Note that even writings are placed on special slots and don’t break the whole design. Mido logo comes in chromed finish, but all other words are printed with matte white paint. I am happy to see that designers kept writings amount at minimum, so dial doesn’t look cluttered.

All indices are applied with luminous insert. Of course, at 12″ mark you will find triangle pointing down. These parts are not too big and actually increase the feeling of space on the dial. Here I have to note that actual dial is not that large and measures 42.5mm. Mido Ocean Star 200C features thin hours and minutes hands, something what is rather unusual for diver watches. Seconds hand comes with circle at the end. Of course, all three parts feature luminous inserts.

I have to say the separate word about date window. Here we get day and date indicator, so the necessary cutout is quite large and can be found at 3″ position. Nevertheless, window cut with smooth borders, what actually works nicely with dial pattern. Day and date indicators don’t look too deep, so I think I can live with such design.

Night time visibility is also good, thanks to relatively large luminous inserts on indices. They come in traditional green color, but still easy to find and read in dark environment. Whole dial is covered with sapphire glass, and I didn’t have any issue here, as everything is fine even under bright sunlight.


Now we can talk about case, and frankly speaking it is classic in a good sense. It is exactly what you imagine when talking about diver watch. In my opinion it is actually a good thing, because such styling will never get old. Mido Ocean Star 200C offers massive steel case (187g weight), which still doesn’t look huge on your wrist.

Huge advantage here is that almost all sides feature brushed finish which looks great and should be a bit more durable. Note that all edges are mirror polished, but that is something what was needed in order to separate all the sides visually. In my opinion it works nicely and doesn’t look cheap. Thickness is also reasonable here – just 12.3mm.

Crown protection is also a bit different from what we are used to see on diver watches. Both ends almost hug the crown, but don’t be worried, it is still easy to unscrew this part. I also didn’t have any issue with the size of the crown. Note that there is also a Mido logo engraved.

Bezel is something what makes or breaks the whole diver watch image. Some brands still manage to make this part flimsy and not sturdy, what makes whole watch feel cheap. I am happy to say that this is not the case with Mido. Bezel sits tight on the case, but still easy to rotate. Moreover, it also features dark green ceramic insert with luminous dot on the top. Color shade is a bit tricky, so I would recommend to watch the video, where I show all sides of the watch.

Rear caseback features Ocean Star. No clear inserts as water protection is clocked at 200m. Whole watch gives impression that it is indeed ready to go for some diving.


Today’s watch comes with a quite modern caliber inside. Mido managed to install Caliber 80, which might be familiar to you also as Powermatic 80. Yes, number hints on the power reserve in hours. We get all the basic functions here, and reliability is good as far as I know. You won’t be able to see the movement as we have steel caseback here.


Of course, we have a stainless steel bracelet here. In my opinion it works nicely with watch and whole combo looks sleek, not as some additional accessory. Mido added microadjustment clasp here, what brings comfort to another level. Manufacturer’s logo is also present there. Whole bracelet features combination of brushed and mirror-polished surfaces, so be ready for some scratches on those shiny sections.

Ocean Star 200C doesn’t feature anything extra in terms of straps, even though it comes in a quite large box. Watchmaker offers some additional accessories for extra price, but you can also get some good aftermarket options which would work nicely with the beautiful green dial.

Mido Ocean Star 200C – In Use

I managed to spend several days with this watch, and there is something to say about it. Let’s start with the dial. As I mentioned before, Mido used smart design here, and whole dial feels bigger than it actually is. Moreover, I enjoyed whole styling and didn’t have any issue with legibility. Maybe, the only thing that I could see suitable here is the magnifying section over day and date indicator. Who knows, maybe we will see such aftermarket mod in the future…

I didn’t have any problem with case. It looks like just the right thing for this watch, and it works nicely with any outfit. You can easily hide it under the sleeve. Moreover, it didn’t look big in my wrist. Crown might look small on the first sight, but in reality it is fine and easy to move. Thanks to huge power reserve, you won’t have to do it often.

To be honest, metal bracelet is a perfect option for this Mido, and I wouldn’t change it for anything else. Microadjustment always come handy, and divers would appreciate it too. Nevertheless, I would expect additional strap for this price. 😀

Price and Availability

New watch should be already available in several colors. You can get it in Helveti webshop for 1100 EUR, what sounds reasonable for quality you will get out of the box. Yes, there are few areas which could be a bit more polished, but even current state of things looks great in person. In my opinion this is a great choice for those who would like to get something different from mainstream options and yet have a high-quality product on their wrist.

Mido Ocean Star 200C offers great dial styling together with modern movement inside. Comfort of use is one of the stronger qualities here, and you will be surprised at how handy is the microadjustment feature. This is a good everyday partner, and it will look great with any outfit, be it classic office casual or just bright beach tshirt. 🙂

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