Zenith Pilot Cronometro Tipo CP-2 Flyback Review

Ok, this is not a new watch. Zenith Pilot Cronometro Tipo CP-2 Flyback came official on recent SIHH 2018, but we didn’t that show. Well, there was a chance to try newcomer in Basel. It was one of the most interesting releases for me, and now I can tell you more in this review. We received press-release before, but it was decided to wait and write a full-fledged close view on the real watch. Enjoy!
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I have no doubt that watch fans know what that word means. This function is present in the new chrono from Zenith and should come handy in different situations. Here it is important to remind that Swiss company released “simple” version back in 2016. Now we have edition with flyback function. Both versions copy classic “Cairelli” watch. Another interesting note – CP means “Chronometro di Polso”, what can be translated as “Wrist Chronograph” from Italian. As you can see, case shape comes in classic style, and you won’t find any weird design cues, which will break image. In my opinion it is a perfect decision to keep changes to minimum and present truly vintage timepiece. Note that there are two versions available – bronze and aged steel. Both look way too cool, and make immeasurable impression in person. This watch doesn’t need any “bling” things, it shows that it is serious and it has its own presence.

Next thing that makes this watch great – size. 43 mm is just right to be comfortable to wear and not look huge on your wrist. Moreover, despite being stylish and all, this watch still looks like serious “tool”. Case is not thick, and it is visible on photos that it looks sleek and can be worn with any outfit. In other words, readability and wear comfort were not sacrificed for the better look. I think designers did a great job in order to stay on the border between design and usability. Thin pushers also look nice, classic shape is easy to operate, what is crucial for chrono watch.

Zenith Pilot Cronometro Tipo CP-2 Flyback – Hands On

First of I would like to repeat what is written above – size is the main player here. I am glad that authors decided to keep it in reasonable numbers. 43mm sits nice on my wrist, and thin case silhouette contributes to comfort too. Pushers placement is classic, so here you won’t find some weird layout. I also like bezel design and its movement. As far as I understood, engineers decided to use high quality ball bearings inside. As result we have nice feedback here, something you won’t find in other watches. Moreover, this action is almost soundless, what is good too. As for the case color, my choice is aged steel. Look at the photos, and you will understand why. It looks astonishing and weathered surface has its own charm.

Of course, inside manufacturer placed famous El Primero movement. Moreover, owner should be able to appreciate it through transparent rear cover. Straps design looks suitable too, and they look like one complete image together with case.


Zenith Pilot Cronometro Tipo CP-2 Flyback is a SIHH 2018 novelty, as I said before. Therefore it should be available for purchase in any Zenith boutique. In my opinion, Swiss masters managed to create truly balanced chronograph, which combines vintage styling and ease of use. Moreover, they didn’t go crazy with size like some other Swiss colleagues, and we can only appreciate this fact. I am glad to see such masterpiece under Zenith flag and hope that next year we will see next version of this great chrono line.

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