Zenith Defy Lab Hands On

Today we are going to talk about new masterpiece – Zenith Defy Lab. As you’ve read in our preview, watch should be available only in ten pieces, but we have had a chance to see all colors and even try one of those beauties. Watchmaker displayed timepieces on the special event, and we are ready to share photos and impressions with you.
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Limited to Ten

Yes, new model comes only in ten pieces. You can put down your wallet – all versions are sold out, so there is no possibility to get this watch. Nevertheless, true watch collector should appreciate the beauty of the novelties in this model. Yes, new solutions come on internal and external elements. Of course, we are going to start with external ones. I am quite surprised that such novelty didn’t get separate mention on the presentation. I am talking about Aeronith – new material developed by watchmaker. Case molded out of this thing is lighter than titanium, carbon fiber and aluminium! Moreover, appearance is also quite impressive, it reminds of the stone. Well, external similarity is the only thing that unifies this material with stone.

I worried that Zenith Defy Lab will be too light for such impressive watch. Nevertheless, it feels good on hand and there is no artificial rightness. It’s just right, so the only question here is what actually adds to this weight if case is lighter than well-known alternatives. I am happy to see such innovation and still hope that Zenith will not abandon it. Such addition should look good on any model. Now what about Pilot Special with Aeronith? 🙂

Just to remind you, watch will come in 10 different color combinations. In my opinion, the most unusual is the green version. It looks just right for such innovative timepiece.

Zenith Defy Lab as Carrier of New Tech

Of course, watch fans will be obsessed with the new movement inside this model. To say that it is new equals to say nothing. Engineers re-imagined whole watch movement, and I was quite surprised when I saw thorough explanation of how it works. Just imagine – movement without need to oil and service it! Those ten pieces should be true collector’s delight, and there is no doubt that they will go up price-wise as first ones with new movement. I recommend you to watch video on our YouTube channel in order to understand how new technology works.

Future Application?

Nevertheless, the main point behind Zenith Defy Lab is to show completely new technology. Such movement should bring uncomparable precision that can be equaled to any existing mechanism. I have no doubt that this technology will come in future models. When? Just wait for the next year, we can bet on Baselworld, where Swiss watchmaker might present their “affordable” timepiece with new movement.

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