MB&F HM8 Only Watch Contributes to Charity

Some of you might have participated in charity auctions, but I think you will jump in the one with today’s subject. Today we will talk about the latest creation from Swiss watchmaker – MB&F HM8 Only Watch. This model comes as contribution to charity auction. Name hints that watch features HM8 base. Watch exists in one piece only, so let’s take a look at it.
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Sole Creation

New model comes as contribution to charity auction. Watchmaker decided to ask young designer to create exterior. Moreover, it’s surprising to know that Cassandara Legendre is just 15 years old! In other words, she is the same age as children, which MB&F HM8 Only Watch will protect. Nevertheless, design changes are quite significant here. It is safe to say that you will notice them from the first sight.

First of all, case made out of 18K white gold and titanium. Those materials make timepiece even more valuable without unnecessary weight increase. Top part is covered with sapphire pane. Nothing surprising, right? Well, here part features special drawings made by young designer. Take a careful look, and you will see robot, car, jellyfish and even aircraft. All those things can recognised by children from all corners of the world. Cassandra decided to use white paint for those drawings, what creates unusual combination with polished surfaces of the main frame. Under this part you can see purple rotor, which adds splash of color to overall composition.

MB&F HM8 Only Watch Rear Part

MB&F HM8 Only Watch Dial

Don’t search for traditional watchface. I mean if you are trying to find something traditional on MB&F creation – check somewhere else. MB&F HM8 Only Watch displays hours and minutes on special display. Should I say that it reminds of classic car gauges? Now take a careful look and you should notice one special thing. Yes, it is a small elefant between digits. Cassandra drew this animal, and later Oliver Kuhn helped to shape it in silver. Each number is magnified with help of prism glass.

MB&F HM8 Only Watch Dial

As if this wasn’t enough, authors added special smiley face on the top. This part replaces MB&F logo. Two screws serve here as eyes of imaginative face. Such funny addition to previously serious watch makes it truly unusual.

MB&F HM8 Only Watch Smiley Face

Rare on its Own

Remember this watch as it is shown on the pictures. MB&F decided to issue only one special timepiece, so I doubt that there will be any extra pieces. As I wrote in the beginning, rare model should contribute to charity, so only one buyer will wear this truly unique composition on his hand. We can just admire beauty of this model and wait for the next one to be out. 🙂

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[…] comes as Limited Edition, only for charity auction. Let’s take a closer look at it. By the way, here you can read article about another timepiece for Only Watch. Don’t forget to like our Facebook page, so that you can get fresh articles on […]


[…] watchmaker decided to create unique model for charity. Let’s take a closer look. By the way, here you can read article with another watch for Only Watch auction. Don’t forget to like our Facebook page, so that you can get fresh articles on […]

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