Breitling Navitimer Rattrapante on Baselworld 2017

Today’s article is dedicated to the new Breitling Navitimer Rattrapante, which was presented on Baselworld 2017. It might look like well-known model from Swiss manufacturer, but it actually packs something interesting inside.
Yes, new model is a chrono, but it features new movement, which can measure split seconds. Such feature is provided with help of Breitling Caliber 3, which is COSC certified and has special 70 hours power reserve. Even though Breitling claims that few companies have analogues, we won’t check other models on the market. Instead, let’s focus on what makes this model special.
Of course, there are some visual differences. You will be able to tell if it Rattrapante or not by checking dial color – it should be bronze. Such shade will be exclusive for the new model. Don’t expect it to be present on any other Breitling Navitimer watch. If such distinguishing is not enough for you, there will be Limited Edition release in gold case. Those watches will be limited by 200 pieces only. Moreover, special batch will have transparent case back, so that you can appreciate movement inside your watch.
As for the movement, it is based on well-known Breitling Caliber 1. Nevertheless, it was necessary to change some part in order to be able to cope with split second feature. The most necessary thing is energy, because movement consumes a lot of it in order to start stop split second mechanism.
Newcomer looks like typical Navitimer at the first sight, but don’t underestimate this version. It is nice to see that Breitling decided to choose this series for such rare function, and we can agree that there is no other model more closely related to chronographs.
Breitling Navitimer Rattrapante should be available immediately, so you can order it from your watch dealer. This model can be a perfect choice for those who are searching for something special to put on wrist. Classic case doesn’t scream about rare complication inside, and for some buyers it might be a decisive factor.

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