Zenith Defy El Primero 21 on Baselworld 2017

As you can see on the main photo, this time we are going to talk about another watch from Baselworld 2017 – Zenith Defy El Primero 21. I guess some of you might be familiar with typical Zenith movement, but this time they decided to step the game.
First and the main word in the new model – hundredth of a second. Yes, this Chronograph actually features movement with central hand showing such small time gaps. El Primero is quite famous for its qualities, but what we have now is truly special. Seeing its action in person is even more impressive than just dry words. I recommend you to check our video. Of course all this is certified by COSC.
Seconds here are displayed with help of central hand. Moreover, such precision was achieved by using Carbon-Matrix material. Such choice was made in order to ensure lack of sensitivity to magnetic fields and temperature changes. Well, I guess with 100th of a second those factors really matter. By the way, we can also say that movement was made to work 10 times faster – from 5Hz up to 50Hz. In other words, new model is even more accurate than its predecessor. Such performance also consumes ten times more energy in comparison with previous model.
Once again, seconds hand on this watch performs full turn in one second, something we’ve never seen before. This feature offers truly different view on seconds and their measurement. It is important to keep in mind that such feature is truly unique on watch market, so Zenith changed watches once again. Should I mention that this watch is also equipped with its own “gearbox”? Such design was used in order to avoid any interference of chrono functions with smooth watch running. Chrono “module” has its own 50 minutes power reserve!
Of course, all those functions won’t come cheap, and there is no point in mentioning watch price. If you are concerned with bills amount you should pay for Zenith Defy El Primero – then you are reading wrong article. I have no doubt that such unique engineering solutions will be appreciated by market, and newcomer will find its fans.

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