Oris Staghorn on Baselworld 2017

Today’s article is dedicated to the new Oris Staghorn Restoration Limited Edition. As you can guess from the name, by issuing this watch Swiss watchmaker will help preserve coral reefs around the world.
By the way, here you can read review with another Limited Edition from Oris.
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Coral Restoration Foundation – this organization will be supported by Oris in order to save reefs. It is based in California, and already has proven to be able to make the difference. Current situation shows that one third of coral reefs is destroyed, but we still can save what’s left and try to improve the situation. Swiss watchmaker will release 2000 pieces in order to support work of the mentioned organization.
Unlike other Limited diver watches from Oris, new model comes in the nice light-colored case, which is not available with “simple” versions and made out of eco-friendly regenerative algae. Inside you will find diver watch with 43 mm case and some additions that make this edition unique. This model is based on the new generation of Aquis, and therefore features all fresh design cues. It’s difficult not to notice shiny blue dial with bright orange accents for minor features like seconds hand, day marker and bezel zero point marker. By the way, do you remember that this small circle on seconds hand is named by Oris as “lollipop insert”? 😉 Manufacturer claims that such color was chosen to mimic shade of real Staghorn coral.
Day and date system should be familiar to Oris fans. There are seven separate windows for days, and one small for the date, placed at “6” mark. As other new watches from Aquis series, this one features large bezel with black ceramic insert. On the back cover you will find engraving with Staghorn coral. By the way, note that new series also features domed sapphire glass, which looks slimmer and make whole design a bit more streamlined.
It’s worth reminding again that Oris Staghorn Preservation Limited Edition will be released in 2000 pieces, but its contribution should considerably help Coral Restoration Foundation. Moreover, we should consider it as a perfect chance to get “unusual” edition of the new generation Aquis. There will be two versions available – with silicone (2000 CHF) or metal strap (2200 CHF).

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