Frederique Constant Quartz Preview

Today’s short preview is dedicated to the new Frederique Constant Quartz watch. Well, wait with complains that another luxury manufacturer decided to choose quartz. Let’s take a closer look at the fresh model, and try to understand why such decision was taken.
Let’s start with the fact that some luxury watches with mechanic movement are not that easily achievable for some watch fans. Moreover, some people just don’t want to wear something too expensive and would rather choose simpler alternative. Another “market segment” – young buyers, which aspire to have something classy, but can’t afford to spend 4-digit amounts on the new timepiece. All those people still would prefer to have something nice on their wrist, and Swiss manufacturer decided to fill this gap.
Now we can repeat – all three new models are quartz-based, and therefore won’t cost more than 600 USD. Another important thing to note – all familiar features are carefully preserved, so you can expect classic design and even some complications for several models. Overall appearance can be easily recognised and associated with famous Swiss watchmaker. We would get nice polished casing, elegant watchface with readable markings – in other words all features that you would expect to have on Frederique Constant Quartz watch.
Buyer will be able to choose between two versions. First offers clean design with date and day windows on 3 mark. Second one might look a bit more complex due to several subdials on the watchface. Don’t worry, it still looks as elegant as other offers from Swiss watchmaker. Moreover, we mentioned that casing will be polished, but it’s also important to note that there will be two types of finish – stainless steel or gold plating. Both should work nicely with minimalistic marks on the watchface. Manufacturer also offers several strap types, which you can choose for your Frederique Constant Quartz watch. Of course, those are leather ones, but you can easily replace them with metal band if you want to.
Once again, I want to say that this watch should be considered as a decent “entrance ticket” to luxury watches. Even though you won’t get automatic movement inside, new model still will be adorned with traditional design. I think that promo pictures hint on the main target buyers for Frederique Constant Quartz – young people, who would like to try something authentique, but don’t want or don’t have large sum to spend. For such buyers new model will be a perfect choice, but if you are after mechanic movement – better check other models on the market.

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