MB&F Catches Thrill of Speed

Yes, today we will talk about new expo in M.A.D. Gallery – MB&F “For the Thrill of Speed”. I guess name says it all, and you can guess main idea behind this exhibition. Daniel Berque and Serge Brison are great car fans and decided to show us something different from modern fast cars.
By the way, here you can read more about another exposition in M.A.D. gallery.
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Classic Speed

First of all you should keep in mind that photos in exhibition cover quite special period of 1925-1963. We can name it as the birth of automotive sport. Those were years when even 100km/h required great amount of bravery and dedication. There are six shots in total, each depicting important events and triumphs in automotive racing. Don’t expect only charging supercars, you will find crashes as well. Interesting thing here is that most of shots were made by Rene Pari. He was recognised master and could take beautiful shot at the right moment of time. Berque and Brison managed to find negatives and revived them into those nice shots.

Fixed in Time

Of course, you might be interested if it is possible to get one of those. Well, MB&F “For the Thrill of Speed” consists of six shots, and each will be printed in 21 copies. Just like it wasn’t enough, those pictures will come on museum quality paper and enclosed into nice aluminium frame with anti-reflective glass. The most important thing can be seen if you will take careful look at each shot – negatives were carefully restored with help of modern technologies. In other words, those photos are an ultimate homage to classic and modern in one. Of course, old supercars look good in any state, but those “action shots” just breath with speed and competition. Would I like to have one in my room? Well, you know the answer. 😉

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