MB&F HM9 Flow Reminds of Car Classics

This time we are going to talk about another unusual creation from Swiss masters. You can see new MB&F HM9 Flow on the pictures. Famous watchmaker decided to use new material and color – red gold. I don’t remember checking this watch in person, so it is interesting to take a closer look.
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MB&F HM9 Sky Version
Aviation version has slightly different feeling

Curves, Curves, Curves!

This stuff is difficult to miss – smooth curves just hypnotize you. Look at this case, doesn’t it remind of classic cars? I am not sure why, but my mind draws Jaguar E-Type which had the same sleek body. New red gold version adds visual interest with help of unusual shade. Another thing that it might remind of – space rocket, but it is more of my imagination. πŸ˜‰

Nevertheless, I like how designers decided to go away from classic layout and use something different. Here we have three separate “volumes” which smoothly connect with each other. Some of the elements are still finished in silver color and that somehow works together with gold shade. Note that balance wheels are exposed under two clear cupolas from both sides. Yes, there are two balance wheels, each beating on its own rate.

MB&F HM9 Movement Photo
Does it fly? :/

Racing or Flying

MB&F HM9 Road Version
Road version looks good

Don’t look for the dial on the top. Instead, it is hidden in the third tube here. It creates unusual appearance and might be handy in some cases. Well, definitely you will have to change your typical way of checking the time on wrist. πŸ™‚ This is classic two-hands combo, there are no other extra complications.

Just like this is not enough, manufacturer offers two versions. One comes with “auto-dial” and another one with “aviator” type. I am more for the first version because it looks complete together with case. Nevertheless, even aviation version looks nice and should be easy to read. Who knows, maybe it will remind you of P-51? πŸ™‚

MB&F HM9 Flow – Price?

The main question for some is the price of such masterpiece. It should be fixed at 198000 USD. Yes, some might scream that they can get some decent Ferrari for that price, but then this watch is definitely not for such people. Another thing to keep in mind – whole run will be limited to 36 piece, 18 for each dial (first release was limited to 33 pieces). I wonder for how long this watch will be available though…

MB&F HM9 Photo on the Engine
Looks nice, just don’t leave poor thing there

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