MB&F Octopod Terrifies and Surprises

Yes, this is a new creation from famous Swiss watchmaker. Today we will talk about MB&F Octopod, which comes as result of cooperation with L’Epee. As you can guess, this could result only in another crazy clock. Octopod mimics sea creatures with tentacles, let’s take a closer look.
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Eight Legs

Authors claim that new clock looks like sea creatures, be it octopus or any other. Well, I see here spider, even though “head” looks a bit big. Those eight legs look cool and terrifying at the same time. Now you can scare children out of your room with help of this clock. What about impressing your business partners, if you know what I mean. Not everybody has imposing eight legs creature on their table. To add to this, all parts feature mirror-like chrom surface. Should I say that it adds to futuristic look? Note that some of those can be painted in three different colors.

MB&F Octopod on Legs

Well, I would agree, MB&F Octopod reminds a bit of underwater batispheres with their full glass finish. Here owner also gets huge transparent orb with connecting “belt” in middle. Of course, movement is completely visible inside. Moreover, creators placed it in such way so that viewer will have illusion of “flying” or “floating” construction. Now let’s take a closer look at it.

MB&F Octopod – Heart of the Beast

If you expected only external features – you don’t know MB&F and L’Epee. Whole movement looks like artwork, and can be easily displayed apart from clock. What is special here? Take a careful look on the minute hand. Yes, oscillator is placed right there! It isn’t tourbillon in its full sense, but still reflects main idea from Breguet. It’s an entirely new development, which is present only in MB&F Octopod. Movement has 8 days power reserve, what should be enough for table clock.

Rare Creature

As other MB&F creations, this one comes in limited amount. To be precise, buyers will be able to choose from three versions (you can see blue one on the pictures above), 50 pieces each. As for the price…I am not even sure if there is point in asking this question. Ok, number equals to 35000 CHF for one clock. Well, that’s quite a precious octopus, but don’t forget that it features 468 (!) components, which are connected together. Another thing – no other clock will scare your children and friends as much as this one. Should we expect updated version with glowing elements? 😉

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