MB&F Legacy Machine SE is Not What You Think

Yes, this time we have another masterpiece from quite famous Swiss masters. Today we will talk about new MB&F Legacy Machine SE. This is completely new model, and while you might think that SE means Special Edition, that is completely wrong. Moreover, authors decided to bring something unusual in the fresh revision, so let’s take a closer look.
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Different Meaning

As I wrote before, new model and its designation have slightly different meaning from what you can guess. Yes, it is a Special Edition, but can you show me any other MB&F masterpiece that is not special? Yeah, right. 😉 Here SE stands for Split Escapement, what highlights the main feature of the model. Stephen McDonnell developed this specialty for previous model – LM Perpetual. Well, the main idea was truly revolutionary, but somehow it was missed on the first release. I guess that’s why Swiss watchmaker decided to create completely new model. Should I say that here escapement is the king?

Crazy thought behind this movement is that flying balance wheel is separated from movement and floats above dial. Another interesting thing is that such movement requires the longest escapement shaft. Should I say that it’s difficult to manufacture and assemble such part?

MB&F Legacy Machine SE and the Button

Another interesting idea in this model is related to pusher button. Yes, to such simple and typical element in watch structure. Take a careful look at the dial, and you will see that there are three subdials. Those show time, power reserve and date. Well, Swiss watchmaker decided to simplify traditional procedure of changing the date. They suppose that such model is usually held in collection and worn several days in month, so therefore owner doesn’t bother with complex date-changing. Well, I would be surprised if somebody wears this beauty everyday. 😀 Nevertheless, MB&F introduced special button, which should help you change the date without extra actions. Just like it wasn’t enough, button is blocked around midnight, so you won’t damage the movement by accidentally pressing pusher (we all know that it’s bad to change dates in this time range, right?).

Round Outside

It would be right to say that whole watchface consists out of three dials and frosted “background”. I wonder if we would see new case shape, which will be highlighting subdials. We can agree that it should look more interesting than classic circle. Moreover, this is MB&F, so there should be such crazy innovation used. 🙂 By the way, case is made out of white gold.

Rare SE

As any other release from MB&F, this one is available in limited amount. There are four different colors available, each will be produced in amount of 18 pieces only. No, no, no, don’t even ask about the price. If you have such question, then you are not ready for such beauty. For those, who still wonder about number on price tag of MB&F Legacy Machine SE, I can hint that they feature five digits and start from beautiful 7. 😀

What do you think?

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