MB&F Moon Machine 2 goes Higher

Yes, this time we have another crazy creation from famous Swiss brand. MB&F Moon Machine 2 is a fresh release from well-known watchmaker. Authors decided to rethink some functions and add their artistic touch. Let’s take a closer look at what new model has to offer.
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Moon Energy

It would be strange to see simple or common watch from this brand. Well, no worries – new model is not usual. MB&F Moon Machine 2 hints with its name on the main thing in this sleek case. Watchfans might say that this design is not new, and they will be right. First we saw this style on famous Horological Machine 8, but here it gets completely different treatment. In the time display area you will find not only time indication, but also moonphase indicator. In my opinion that’s not that popular function in MB&F watches, so we can count it as special just because of this. Nevertheless, it is not that simple.

I would be surprised if this function would be made with help of simple indicator. No, no and again no! Designers decided to remind watch owner about moonlight. Yeah, we all know that moon doesn’t shine, and it’s actually light from the sun, which is reflected by Moon surface. Do you get the idea? 🙂 Authors used light projection in order to display moon phases! Indicator comes right between time digits. Moreover, prism is used only for time indication, because it can cause distortions for moonphase area.

Fine Energy

It would be strange to use standard case design. Hence designers replaced axe rotor with titanium web. Well, it is not exactly space design, but it looks unusual for sure. MB&F Moon Machine 2 also features subtle hints on its Moon connection. Those parts are made out of gold and don’t look like something extra. In total there will be only 36 pieces produced – 12 for each type. That’s true exclusive watch, and I am sure that it will find its owner. I doubt that you might name some other model with light projection inside watch. 🙂

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