MB&F Project LpX – Rocket for Your Table

New MB&F Project LpX is quite difficult to be classified as something. It is not watch nor a clock. Famous Swiss brand decided to create a rocket that will stand on your table. No, seriously, take a look at photos and you will understand what I am talking about. Nevertheless, it would be strange if there were no special features inside. Heh, let’s take a closer look.
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That music tho…

Magnifying Spaceship

First of all I recommend to watch the video above. It always feels a bit strange to explain what this or that MB&F creation does. Swiss creators don’t create usual things, so here we have another perfect example. At first I thought it was a table clock. Well, it is not. Instead, we get full set of special magnifying glasses with unusual storage case. Whole rocket will be used as “drawer” for your “loupes”. It is interesting to note whole story behind loupe system – it was created by watch collector who couldn’t appreciate the beauty of his watches.

btw, lower part lights up in the dark

Now we have a chance to get a set of loupes in one rugged case. Nevertheless, it would be boring to have them stored somewhere in drawer, so MB&F decided to go all in and create a spaceship. Two glasses fit inside and whole rocket (assembled out of five segments) can stand on your working table. There are four color available, but I wonder who would choose the black one. Blue or red only! Green comes on the second place and black will be the last option I will recommend for this sleek rocket.

Now please start selling decals with various symbols!!!

Precious Cargo

Ok, so there are two loupes in total – 3x and 6x magnification ones. Special mobile phone clip comes as useful bonus which will help you make photos of your watches. In other words, now you can post more macro shots with crisp quality. All this stuff is supplied in rugged black plastic case which looks cool and might be useful later.

MB&F Project LpX components shot
All this stuff weights mere 4 kg 😉

MB&F Project LpX – Price?

All this stuff is priced at 3300 USD before taxes. There will be 99 pieces of each color produced, so you should hurry to get one. I see new rocket as perfect chance to have something from MB&F (you remember their clock prices, right?) on your table and be able to reason it in front of your wife. “Yes, I HAVE TO HAVE those magnifying glasses, why do you ask?”. 😉

Just look at those polished legs!

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