Citizen Limited Edition Star Wars Collection Brings the Force

Yes, today we are going to talk about another special release from Japanese brand. New Citizen Limited Edition Star Wars Collection watches comes in several versions and should be interesting for fans of the famous movie series. I guess everyone will be covered because we would get five (!!!) different models which are dedicated to the famous heroes of this universe. Let’s take a look.
Here you can read about another Limited Edition from Citizen.
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Luke, I am your Watch!

Ok, ok, jokes aside, first watch is dedicated to one of the main heroes – Luke Skywalker. This is chronograph watch finished in black color. I like how unobtrusive is the addition of the small logo on one of the subdials. Watch doesn’t look “toyish” and should be fine even with tuxedo. I like how chrono seconds hand mimics green light saber and I didn’t notice it from the first sight. Another hint is hidden from the opposite side. There you will find helmet picture right on the clear area. Metal cover also features numbering because there will be only 1977 pieces made.

Chewie’s Friend

Next watch is dedicated to Han Solo. Whole timepiece is finished in the special shade of blue which is similar to Han’s outfit. It looks in place on the watch and definitely works with chronograph layout. Note special blue strap design with one rivet on each side. It looks unusual to say the least. On the opposite side you will find small picture of the famous Millenium Falcon. It is printed right on the clear section. This version should be limited to 1977 pieces globally.

Famous Mercenary

Third watch commemorates Boba Fett and comes in deep green color. Shade is similar to hunter’s uniform and dial pattern hints on the helmet design. I would say this watch is more “in your face” out of five, so be sure to check it in person. Green theme is accompanied by dark case shade and olive green leather strap.

You will also find helmet drawing on the rear cover. Note that this version will be issued only in 1980 pieces. I am not sure why here we have three pieces more though. Maybe one is reserved for our review? 😉

Father’s Watch

It would be strange not to see Darth Vader watch here. Well, new timepiece comes in deep black with pattern on the dial. Note that this model is a classic three-hand watch without any additional features. Mesh looks 3D-ish, so I guess it is a separate part which should add interest to the new watch. Darth Vader is depicted on the rear cover. This version should be limited to 1977 pieces.

The Fifth One

I guess with this watch Citizen designers decided to go all in. Fifth watch features picture of the famous Death Star on the dial. Whole timepiece comes in black color and frankly speaking this watch is not about knowing exact time.

Of course, there is painting on the rear cover and whole run is limited to 1977 pieces only. Nice small touch – black date window which doesn’t break overall layout.

Citizen Limited Edition Star Wars Collection – Availability

As far as I know, new watches can be pre-ordered from official Citizen resellers. Who knows why Boba Fett watch is released in three more pieces, but I like overall idea. Citizen designers succeeded in adding Star Wars colors and patterns without making whole thing look like a toy. Yes, Death Star watch is completely different from other four, but it will be a nice deviation from classic clean layouts. Brave ones will definitely add it to their collection.

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