MB&F Ralfonso Exhibition turns into Motion

Yes, this article won’t feature watches or expensive cars. Here we are going to talk about MB&F Ralfonso Exhibition. It would be right to call this event as the show case of selection of kinetic sculptures from this studio. Let’s check closer what will be exhibited there.
By the way, here you can read review with interesting watch from MB&F.
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If some of you don’t know about this master, let’s have short intro note. First of all Ralfonso works are so great that he created special sculpture for Beijing Olympics. Creator strives to avoid typical three dimension limits of usual sculptures. Instead he adds time to this equation in order to achieve even more impressive effect. Yep, he is talking about 4D sculptures. 🙂 Now you know at least a bit, and we can move to what is displayed in M.A.D. Gallery.

Spectacular Motion

FIrst of all we have to return to this special sculpture Dance with the Wind, which was created for Beijing Olympics. Visitors will be able to see reduced copy on exhibition. Original had 10m height, so it’s easy to understand why we won’t see it on expo. Nevertheless, even 100m interpretation impress with its design and overall idea. Those polished surfaces focus attention on the movement, quite an interesting solution, to be honest. Moreover, you can get this sculpture for your interior! Yes, there are 15 pieces available, and I guess there is no need to discuss the price, right?

Next creation has name KARO, which means rhombus in German. It also comes in bright and shiny finish. Moreover, size should be quite imposing – 120 cm height sounds like a serious deal. There are only 10 pieces produced, each featuring those nice self-balancing “diamonds”. In total there are 16 parts in this artwork.

Third work is completely different from previous two. Yeah, you can see photo, but even name says it all – EXclamation was made to surprise. Exclamation comes in bright red color, what adds “in your face” effect. No worries, it won’t fall – with help of clever balancing system this big 80 cm sculpture should immediately catch attention. Surprisingly, there will be 33 pieces produced, so you have a good chance to have one in your collection.

MB&F Ralfonso Exhibition – When?

No worries, exhibition started on 10th of January, and you can find it in M.A.D. gallery. In my opinion those creation worth seeing in person, and now you have a chance to do it without need to buy one. Nevertheless, who knows, maybe it will make you buy this huge red exclamation mark for your table. It can be a nice worktable add-on, right? 🙂

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