Fan Expo 2018 Special Variants

Today we have another article dedicated to comicbooks. Fan Expo 2018 coming soon, and there will be two special covers released. You have a chance to get them now, let’s take a closer look at what you might have in your collection.
By the way, here you can read another article about recent Thanos book.
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Special Style

Last year we saw special acetate covers, and this time we have one cover as well. Again it is DC comicbook reprint – Action Comics #1. Last year it was Wonder Woman and I have to admit that cover looked good. New artwork looks a bit unusual, but it is matter of taste, and I am sure that there will be fans who would prefer this book. There is no word about print numbers, but my guess is that it won’t be big. Moreover, price is set at quite reasonable level, so it won’t destroy your wallet. 🙂 Another thing to remember – acetate cover can be bought only as part of two-cover set. I wonder when we will finally get separate covers without need to shell out for extra unwanted cover. By the way, this principle applies to second cover as well.


Yes, yes and once again yes – there will be spiderman special cover. Issue number 797 with Dell’otto, what else you can wish for? Here I expect Red Goblin to be fully revealed. This character became quite controversial among collectors, so Dell’otto cover has all chances to become true hit. Moreover, it is not just name of the man behind cover, painting is beautiful on its own and worth having in collection even if Red Goblin won’t be revealed in this issue (Marvel is famous for their surprises). Nevertheless, I think it is highly unprobable because Marvel revealed 1:10 cover for this book, and it features Red Goblin sketch. Again we have two-issue set available where you will get virgin cover as well. I would rather advice to get normal cover and slab it in CGC straightaway. By the way, while Fan Expo offers only simple covers, you can order slabbed variant straightaway from 7 ate 9 comics. In my opinion it is decent deal for its price.

Fan Expo 2018 – Online and on Spot

As I wrote before, these books can be ordered online on official web. Another option – to pick them up directly on expo. Either way I strongly recommend to get Spiderman – Dell’otto is a quite valuable artist, and such nice cover is worth investing into.


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