Frederique Constant Meteorite Tourbillon Perpetual Calendar Manufacture – 5 Things that Make this Watch Special

As I promised before, we are going to cover some of watches which will be featured on upcoming Only Watch event. Here is another one. It is difficult not to notice quite long name – Frederique Constant Meteorite Tourbillon Perpetual Calendar Manufacture. I will try not to repeat it more than several times even though it might look like a handy way to increase words count. πŸ˜€ Silly jokes aside, Swiss brand decided to create special edition which will be released in a single piece. Here are 5 important things that make it truly special.
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1. Unique

Just like any other Only Watch item, today’s watch will be made as one piece only. No other re-releases and similar weird stuff. In other words you can be sure that you will be only one on Earth to have new Frederique Constant creation on the wrist. This is also marked by special external features, which can be considered as the second point here. πŸ™‚

2. Meteorite Inside

There is no mistake – Swiss brand designers decided to go crazy and use meteorite for the dial. I recommend to take a look at the available photos – this material adds necessary volume to the dial. It is worth noting that meteorite is placed on subdials, while main dial feature squelette finish. Oh, the same blue material comes on the outer dial too. All these features are fixed with hand-polished white hands.

I am not sure which meteorite was used for this dial though. There is no word about it in the official info release, just few words that material comes from Namibia, Africa.

3. Perpetual Calendar

This material is not enough to fully describe how above-mentioned feature works. To put it short – you will have to fiddle less while trying to put the right date on your watch. Complication “remembers” months with 30 and 31 days count and adjusts accordingly.

Meteorite comes from Namibia, Africa.

4. Reasonable Size

Yes, nowadays it can be considered as solid advantage. Instead of going “gigantic” here, Swiss brand stayed in reasonable 43 mm. Add here 18K rose gold case and you will have absolutely calm and elegant composition. I like that final design doesn’t “scream” about its uniqueness and therefore can be suitable for more occasions.

5. Democratic

Another thing goes out from the previous point – Swiss watchmaker was determined to make an accessible tourbillon watch. FC-975 calibre was born with that intention and now is also featured in today’s watch. Yes, it has only 38 hours power reserve, but I guess that’s what allowed original model to stay in reasonable level. I hope you have one of those winding machines in your collection. πŸ˜‰


All those features above are the main ones in my opinion. New clock also has skeleton dial, special finish on the movement and other things. Nevertheless the five above will make you proud while wearing this watch on your wrist. Don’t forget that auction will happen in November. By the way, official web shows estimate for this watch around 32-36000 USD.

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