Frederique Constant Classics Automatic GMT Preview

Today we are going to talk about new watch from famous manufacturer – Frederique Constant Classics Automatic GMT. Name says it all, and it should be easy to guess that the main feature here will be second time zone on this watch. Let’s take a closer look at what newcomer has to offer.
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Useful feature

As I wrote above, new model should be equipped with GMT functions. For those who don’t know – this function will let you know Greenwich Mean Time on your new Frederique Constant Classics Automatic GMT. First guess is that such time control should be handy for business people who travel a lot. Moreover, it will help you avoid unnecessary movement of hands back and forth. Of course, nobody stops you from setting just two different time zones in order to keep track of them. As usual, function is presented with help of separate hand, which differs not only in design, but also in its shape. Take a careful look at photo – while “main” pointers are finished in classic rounded style, third part has pointy appearance what makes it easily readable. Note that function is also proudly announced with writing on the watchface.

Classic styling

If you are worried that extra hand would make Frederique Constant Classics Automatic GMT styling weird – don’t! Just look at the photo, and you will understand that watchmaker preserved classic lines, and new model will suit even formal occasions. Quite notable here is unusual combination of Roman and Arabic numbers on the same watchface. I am quite surprised that it works here, but there is no doubt that some of you might find it concerning. Otherwise watchface is finished in light color in order to contribute to overall light feel. Frankly speaking, I wonder how this model would look with dark watchface. Note that watchmaker decided not to repeat frequent mistake and date window here is not accented by any visual means. It makes appearance complete, eye doesn’t stop on some “extra” elements. Maybe “cyclop eye” would look good here, who knows. 😉

Mechanic heart

Even though Frederique Constant Classics Automatic GMT is positioned as affordable model, it is still based on automatic movement. Moreover, here buyer will find in-house automatic FC-350 module with GMT function. Well, the only thing that will remind you about price is power reserve of this movement, which is equal to 38 hours. Such number might be tricky for those who travel a lot, but let’s not forget that this is an automatic movement, so watch should be fine as long as it’s on your hand. 🙂

Elegant variations

I was happy to know that newcomer won’t be limited to one choice of casing only. Frederique Constant Classics Automatic GMT can be bought either with stainless steel or rose gold case. As you can expect, backside will display internals through transparent window.  As for the straps, there are also only two options – brown or black, both leather. I would rather try Milanese loop with such case, but it’s matter of taste, right? New model should be available for 2000CHF, what places it into quite interesting market niche with many interesting rivals. What do you think – would it overcome competition?

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