Zenith Defy Lab Presentation

This article is dedicated to launch of the new Zenith Defy Lab. As you know, we attended this event, and now ready to share photos and impressions with you. Don’t forget to check videos, so that you know more about this model.
By the way, here you can read hands on with this impressive timepiece.
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Dark Space

First of all, setting was just right for this occasion – dark hall right in front of Zenith factory. Weather was windy, and you can notice wind sound on some videos. 🙂 Nevertheless, everything started with speeches from Jean-Claude Biver and Julien Tornare (Zenith CEO). To say that Mr.Biver is quite active equals to say nothing. Just check the video, and you would know what I am talking about. It’s nice to see that despite his age, he still stands strong and eager to bring something new, to shock people with innovations. Mr.Tornare looks to be a calmer person, but believe me, he is also eager to bring changes on watch market. Zenith Defy Lab is definitely the first one, and we are going to see more next year. By the way, note that Jean-Claude hints on the new model coming next year, so I would bet on Baselworld as the place for premiere.

Zenith Defy Lab reimagining Watch Movement

Of course, the main thing on the show is the movement of the new watch. First press release did not help me comprehend how innovative Zenith Defy Lab mechanism is. Believe me, Zenith engineers decided to rework whole watch movement in order to achieve even high precision, and succeeded in it. New model employs elastic principles in its movement, what makes it possible to forget about oiling parts and other maintenance things. If you want to understand more – watch the video with presentation from main engineers. Yes, this design looks good in movement, but what about outer structures? I think that elastic principle should come handy for case production. What about movable lugs, what will ensure better wrist fitment?

Zenith Defy Lab is also impressive outside. Its case is made out of Aeronith – new light material. It was quite surprising that nobody mentioned this novelty on presentation. Moreover, after talking with CEOs, I can say that this material won’t come in lower segment models. There is no certainty on usage even in higher-tier models… Well, it would be sad if such great idea will be abandoned.

More to Come

If we look right into the main thing behind Zenith Defy Lab, it’s the new movement that matters. As I wrote above, there is no doubt that it will come in “cheaper” models, and it’s only matter of time when we will see other manufacturers using it. Well, it’s nice to see that at least somebody tries to shake watch industry and bring fresh solution to well-known movement. Technologies don’t stand on one point, so it’s the right time to apply them in new mechanisms.

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