Maurice Lacroix Aikon Watch Review

Maurice Lacroix Aikon is the type of the watch which is easy to recognize and yet it doesn’t cost a fortune to get. Moreover, the stainless steel sports timepieces are very popular recently and this might be a good choice for those who would like something unusual. In this article we are going to talk about blue dial version, but there are also some other colors available if you are interested in different versions. Let’s start with this part of the watch and continue with our traditional sequence.
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As I mentioned, there are several dial colors available, but I decided to focus the attention on blue one. This combination looks quite traditional and color shade is deep, but not too dark. In my opinion it works nicely with textured dial which reminds of some other good examples on the market. Dial size is 42mm, and this is a typical dimension which should be easy to wear and read.

Note that there are completely no digits on the dial. You will only find applied chrome indices with double bars on 12, 3, 6 and 9 hour marks. Each of those “bars” have luminous coating applied on the top. We also get date indicator in white color, which is placed at 3 hour mark. Yes, you read it right – chrome date window placed right next to two thin bars of applied indices. I am not sure if this is the good design cue for Maurice Lacroix Aikon as it could survive without such indices in this area.

Handset is classic here – three chromed parts, the seconds hand is the thinnest out of them. Note that hour and minute hands also have luminous layer on top. All three are easy to find on the dial, so I don’t think you will have any issues with legibility. It is good to see that watchmaker decided to keep all writings at minimum and even the chromed logo looks fine here.

Whole dial is covered with sapphire glass, which has polished angles. It also contributes to legibility as anti-reflex coating is perfect here and it takes some time to actually find the reflection angle even with camera. As usual, I think this watch could benefit from magnifying section, but it is more of matter of personal taste.

Nighttime legibility is quite good here. SuperLuminova is used on indices and hands, so you will get nice green color in dark. I wouldn’t say that this is diver-watch worthy “lume”, but it should be fine for everyday use. You can see it in action in the video-review above.


What I also recommend to see in the video is how all the polishing finishes here play nicely on case elements. All of them don’t look cheap while combined together, and it is actually important thing to note. Not that many brands actually manage to make polished surfaces work together with brushed ones.

Here the main element will be six paired squares which come in mirror-like polishing. Of course, they are not movable, but help with building the recognizable image which is hard to confuse with any other watch.

Case thickness is 10.8mm, so whole timepiece doesn’t feel like something big on your wrist. Moreover, I don’t think you will have any issues with hiding it under the sleeve. Here you will find brushed metal finish which works nicely with sharp edges on the sides. In my opinion it is the right thing to have in sports watch, even though we still have to take care after polished surfaces.

You will not find crown protection here, and crow actually sticks out proudly as large part with plain edges. There is no ratcheting for better grip, but such design actually comes handy and works nicely. Of course, you will find Maurice Lacroix engraved logo here. It is a screw-down part, which has two positions.

Water protection is set at 200m. This is not exactly the diver watch, but such numbers should be fine even for some recreational diving. Rear cover is transparent here, so you will be able to appreciate the movement inside. This might be also the perfect moment to go to the next section.


Inside you will find automatic caliber ML115, which is based on Selita SW200. Power reserve is 38 hours, which is more or less okay for everyday use. Movement parts have special finish which is nice to look at through the rear cover. Of course hacking is also here, what might be handy in some cases.


Note that there is also a “combo” version available, where you will also get a silicone strap in the box. As you can imagine, it is a bit more expensive than today’s “solo” type. In my opinion metal bracelet is a must-have with such watch. No other option would actually compliment the case design as bracelet does. Moreover, this accessory adds a bit of “umph” to the watch design and weight perception.

Bracelet width is 25mm, and it is integrated type as you might notice. Double clasp also features Maurice Lacroix logo, and you will find quickrelease bars inside for easier replacement. All parts feature brushed surfaces, so they should be a bit more durable for everyday challenges.

In Use

Maurice Lacroix Aikon spent several days on my wrist, and I have few things to mention about this watch. I can bet that you will immediately notice weight of this timepiece. It is not some overweight watch, but still it has the certain feel and definitely won’t be unnoticed on your wrist.

Case edges might looks sharp, but watch sits nicely on average men’s wrist, you can notice it on the photos. Sides do not stick out from your hand, so Aikon can be even hidden under the sleeve. Dial size and design is also good as it is easy to check the time.

I am not so sure about polished elements on the top section. All “cubes” sit out proudly on the watch, so you will have to be careful while wearing it in case you would like to preserve the mirror-like polishing. Don’t forget that case and bracelet feature brushed surfaces, so at least those will be a bit more tricky to damage.

For the power reserve I have to say that initially I was skeptical about the numbers, but in real life it is more then enough. If you plan to wear this watch everyday, then you won’t encounter any issue with setting the time and date. Nevertheless, it is still worth noting that some of the competitors offer way more impressive power reserve specs.

Maurice Lacroix Aikon – Price and Availability

You can get this watch for 2000 EUR in Helveti webshop. Other colors will be around the same level, but the “combo” versions cost a bit more. In my opinion the metal bracelet should be enough as it makes the watch image and keeps it as a whole. Maurice Lacroix has managed to create their own design which is easy to recognize and yet it goes in the same wave with other stainless steel sport watches.

Yes, it goes in the quite tricky market area which also “touches” more premium brands, but that’s the thing – you get a chance to have something different from the mass. Moreover, this difference won’t mean any sacrifice in quality or overall image of your new purchase. I like how designers played with shapes here, and yet whole styling looks clean and well-managed.

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