Victorinox I.N.O.X. Carbon 241777 Watch Review

Somehow carbon fiber still stays as something special and only few watches actually offer full case or dial made out of this material. Today we are going to talk about Victorinox I.N.O.X. Carbon 241777 which actually offers you a chance to have something unusual on your wrist. It is worth noting that the model itself is not new, and you could get it for some time. I bought it one year ago, and now it is more of long-term test, so I will be able to share even more detailed experience and my opinion about this watch. As usual, I suggest to start with the video-review below, where you will find a lot of interesting and new things. 🙂
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Carbon version comes only with one type of dial – black color with large indices and hands. This is somewhat classic styling for Victorinox, so you will be hardly surprised. Nevertheless, it is a strong advantage of this watch, and here I will explain why.

Let’s start with indices/digits mix, which comes in form of applied parts and adds volume to the whole composition. Their size helps with legibility and it is easy to notice them in any conditions. Note that 12″ mark traditionally replaced with manufacturer logo, while 3″, 6″ and 9″ are posing as proper large digits in simple and elegant font.

Classic black-and-white styling of the dial makes sure that nothing will distract your eye, and even after a year with this watch, I still enjoy looking at it. It is also good that there are not that many writings (could be even less), and they all are printed with white color. Note that glass features another scale printed with red ink and might be handy for 24 hour tracking.

Date window is placed between 4″ and 5″ marks. You will find it easily thanks to white color, but frankly speaking I would rather prefer to see it in black with red font. This way it would look more unified with whole layout.

Handset is classic here – two large steel parts with luminous inserts and red seconds hand. Such color differentiation makes it easier to find all three and even use I.N.O.X. as stopwatch. On the outer edge of the dial you will see a bit more detailed scale which might come handy for seconds tracking.


As you remember, Victorinox I.N.O.X. Carbon 241777 has the main feature in its name. Yes, whole case is made out of forged carbon which gives watch the special look. This material is also lightweight (watch weight equals 92g) and tough, so it will survive everyday beatings. Note that case shape stayed classic, so we have fixed angled bezel with large plain surfaces. This design has managed to become somewhat classic and stays recognizable even with this new material used. Case thickness equals to 14mm.

I was expecting bezel to be slightly raised around glass for even better appearance, but here it goes at the same level. Nevertheless, we get crown protection, which looks right in place here. Note that crown part is quite large and it should be easy to operate even in the gloves. There is also Victorinox logo on the side of it. Rear cover is made out of steel, but this thing is typical for all watches made out of special materials.

Overall “clean” design lets you focus on the dial, so I would say it is a great advantage of today’s I.N.O.X. Carbon. Moreover, you can put on additional bumper which will add even more protection to the watch. Note that this accessory also features simple compass dial. I like the fact that we get the case as the standard bonus, and it notably changes the overall perception of your watch.

Movement and Strap

Inside today’s watch you will get quartz movement Ronda 715 with classic three-hand layout and date indicator. This is a good caliber, and doubt that you will have any issues. In my opinion such movement is more suitable for the overall durable watch image as it is not as easy to damage as classic automatic movements.

Strap is another great surprise in this watch. Victorinox has managed to include high quality rubber accessory, which is very flexible and easy to wear. It comes only in black color, but looks just right with overall design, be it with case or without it. Buckle is stainless steel with engraved Victorinox logo. Lug width is 21mm, so it is quite standard dimension and you will be able to find some aftermarket replacement. Nevertheless, original strap proved to be really good, and here we can move to use experience.

In Use

As I mentioned in the video-review, this watch was in use for around a year, and now you can see the final result of I.N.O.X. after such testing. In my opinion today’s timepiece is very durable and managed to survive various beatings that were coming during everyday use.

First of all I have to mention the dimensions. Some guys are afraid of relatively large case size, but I can assure you that it sits fine on my 18cm wrist. Moreover, plastic case makes it a bit more bulky and helps you get a feel of different watch on your wrist. I have to admit that “bare case” sits sleek and looks surprisingly well even on thin wrists. Nevertheless, I won’t recommend the watch as unisex design, as it still has some masculinity in design.

Dial here is easy to read, and I didn’t have any problem with checking the time even in dark time. The only thing to note is the lume covering which became somewhat dull with time. Who knows, maybe it is me wearing this watch everyday. 😀 I am still not a huge fan of white date window which just breaks the whole combo. Moreover, additional dial on the glass is something you either like or hate. I showed this element to my friends and colleagues, some of them were not fans of such design cue. Keep in mind that it also leaves a shadow on the dial under bright light.

Strap is one of the biggest surprises in today’s watch. I am used to get thick hard rubber accessories in various watches, but here we get really great thing included out of the box. Length is just right for my wrist and rubber feels smooth and flexible even after one year of use in cold and hot weather. Of course, buckle could be a bit more sophisticated instead of this generic thing, but it is not a huge downside. Maybe one more thing that would be great to see for this price – additional strap in the box, nato strap would work nice here.

Victorinox I.N.O.X. Carbon 241777 – Price and Availability

Today’s watch is still available, and some shops (for example, Helveti) offer it with the nice discount. Price should be around 700 USD, what is quite reasonable for what you get. In my opinion it is a great timepiece for those who would like to get unusual material, but don’t want to experiment with design. Victorinox used classic styling and fused it together with some new features which make whole watch even more interesting. You might have heard that I.N.O.X. series is one of the few which can actually rival the famous G-Shocks in terms of durability, so it is great to see some unusual additions here.

If you are not fixed on automatic or manual movement, Victorinox I.N.O.X. Carbon 241777 might be a great choice for everyday use. It looks equally good with a suit or with some trail outfit in mountains. Moreover, whole design avoids cheap appearance and carbon fiber case will be a conversation piece. It is also good to see additional bumper in the box as some owners would still want to protect their precious from possible damage.

Frankly speaking it is difficult to think of possible rivals in this price range with the same quality. Yes, there are some G-Shock models, but it is still slightly different approach to styling and it might be not to everyone gusta. Today’s watch offers a classic look, what will be appreciated by some owners, as I.N.O.X. doesn’t scream about its durability. Today’s timepiece is a good sleek-looking offering which is definitely worth your attention even as one-watch-collection choice. 🙂

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