Alexander Shorokhoff Brings Revolution

New Alexander Shorokhoff Revolution looks crazy right from the first sight. There is no need for some introductions and forewords here. Just look at the main photo instead. German brand is famous for their unusual watch design, but this one sets new level for their creations. Let’s talk about it in detail.
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Danger Level Red

My guess is that Mr. Shorokhoff decided to do something completely different here. First of all red color is not that popular among watchmakers and we rarely see it straight in the first release. Nevertheless, here it makes sense once you see hammer and sickle on the small dial. Yes, dial is actually smaller than 43 mm watch diameter.

Just look at those gear pattern!

It becomes clear once you take a look at the watchface. Here we have plenty of free space and the main idea was to create “hovering” dial. There are also various geometric shapes like square and circle inside. All this stuff looks like floating in the watch because of see-through case. Name of the watch is printed on the separate plaque which is fixed on the left side. I am not sure about mix of Russian-English letters, but maybe some of you will like it.

One More Option

If you are way too sensitive to wear hammer and sickle on your wrist then you should take a look at the second version. This is basically the same model, but USSR symbol is replaced with various bright shapes, just like on the Kandy watch from the same brand. In my opinion it makes sense to go for the full version because otherwise red “Revolution” plaque looks a bit strange next to the dial with patterns. Note that on the other side creators wrote “made in Germany”. πŸ˜‰

Looks different, right?

Frankly speaking I am bit surprised that we get here standard font on the dial. It would be cool to see suitable change on this small part too. Nevertheless, there are no digits, only “60” placed at 12 mark. Date window sits right on the opposite side of the dial. Indices are here as well, so it should be relatively easy to read time.

Alexander Shorokhoff Revolution – Price

There is no information on how many pieces will be made, but official press release calls it as “small limited edition”. Price is set at 4000 EUR, so we definitely need to know how many pieces would exist. From the other side such watch might become a perfect statement for those who would like to show their unusual taste. Just be sure to pick the red dial. πŸ˜‰

What do you think?

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