Cronus Prototyp 2 Hands On Munichtime 2017

This year Munichtime was quite short for me due to parking limitations. Well, I’ve still managed to check few nice watches. One of those is a quite new type for me – Cronus Prototyp 2. I didn’t see this model on previous exhibitions. I am also sure of it, because I wouldn’t miss such impressive design. Let’s take a closer look at this model.
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Diver’s Weight

First of all I would like to note that Cronus Prototyp 2 is designed and made in Germany. Well, name hints on it too, right? I think that design also reminds of “German school” – clean lines, nothing extra. Here such appearance can be seen as an advantage, because it makes watch interesting. On the first sight some might think that timepiece is huge, and they will be right. I have to say that it is half of truth, because such impression is also achieved with help of wide strap. Otherwise it is easy and comfortable to have on wrist, and weight is barely noticeable once you fix watch in place. Case here is made out of steel, which is sandblasted for matte finish.

Such design makes it nice to touch, and gives even more utilitarian appearance. Even though this is a diving watch, there is no movable bezel, what is quite surprising. Maybe that’s the part which we will see on the future model? Nevertheless, even in current version, it looks professional and complete. Cronus Prototyp 2 comes in two colors – black and natural steel shade. Note that the latter is limited to only 25 pieces. Frankly speaking, this particular type caught my eye. Well, both colors have one main feature.

Die-Hard Protection

Right side of this watch is huge due to one reason – crown safety protection. Yeah, we are all used to see screw-down crowns on diver-watches, but here creators decided to go in different direction. Instead of having only screw-down part, they also added special spring-loaded lock. This part will ensure that your crown won’t be accessible in locked down position.

Note that overall principle is quite simple, yet it should be effective. In order to move crown you will have to open lock with help of tiny lever. Once it open, there is red segment visible, such design makes it difficult not to see open lock. Moreover, you can close crown only with this lock. It looks cool on the first sight, but the only question here is how easy it will be to work with this part in gloves. Otherwise I would say that this is a showstopper addition on Cronus Prototyp 2.

Nice and Easy

Other features are quite simple here and kept in minimalistic style. For example, dial doesn’t have any digits on it – only indices, which are covered with Superluminova. Moreover, note hands design, which is also elegant and doesn’t distract your eye from the main functions. The only thing that would look cool here in my opinion – lollipop seconds hand, but it’s matter of taste.

Inside this beautiful case you will find ETA 2824-2. As you can see on photos, there is no date function. Movement should provide 40 hours power reserve, which is fine in my opinion. Case has metal back cover and water protection up to 300 meters. Well, maybe this fact also explains why lock will be operated without gloves. Of course, Incabloc also implemented, so your automatic movement should be shock protected.

Leather strap is quite wide, as I wrote above. I think it’s one of the widest I’ve ever worn on my wrist. Nevertheless, it feels nice and comfortable. As you can see, this part is made out of natural leather. Moreover, manufacturer emphasized that Cronus Prototyp 2 gets straps only from Germany.

Already Available?

It won’t surprise me if somebody would think that this model is a some kind of concept project. Well, it isn’t, and you can get Cronus Prototyp 2 right now. Both versions are available, but as I said, silver type is limited to 25 pieces only. Well, price is set at 2500 EUR, but here is the interesting thing – this tag is for black PVD version. Metal limited version is actually 100 EUR cheaper! What I can say…grab it while you can. 🙂

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