Meistersinger Salthora Meta X Hands On Baselworld 2017

Meistersinger Salthora Meta X

As you can see on the main photo and name of this report, it will be dedicated to the new Meistersinger Salthora Meta X – the first diver watch from German company. This year many companies decided to present their diver watches on Baselworld, but for Meistersinger such decision has a bit more serious weight, because they didn’t produce any sport-looking watch before. Of course, they implemented all typical features, and we had a chance to check this model closer.
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Yes, again, I will repeat that this is a diver watch (43 mm) from German watchmaker. This time Meistersinger decided to rethink its philosophy and apply it onto sporty watch. Well, we can see that one hand is still present, but that’s not the most impressive thing. What shocked me (in a good sense, of course) was overall image of Salthora – all elements build one complete picture, and watch doesn’t look tasteless as some other divers presented on the exhibition (yeah, Bell&Ross, I am looking at you).

The most interesting part here is that all press photos show Meistersinger Salthora Meta X in house environment or on man without any special diving equipment. Yeah, right, those are not professional diver watches, as you might have guessed, but they can survive up to 200 meters. In other words newcomer is not afraid of water, but won’t be a right choice for hardcore professionals. But whom are we trying to fool with this? Almost all diver watches always hide under shirt sleeve in offices, so I doubt that somebody would consider diving with Salthora as credible option.

Watchface is finished in typical clean design, so you won’t find any distracting complications or other “design solutions”. The most interesting part here is that hand shows minutes, not hours. So how do you know what hour is now? Check small window on “12”. 😉 As for the bezel (ceramic, by the way), for now we will have two versions – black and blue. You can also chose out of two different digit colors for black version. Strap side Note that hour window is white only on black color watch with white indices, while others have black window.

Overall impression from watch is that such design suits Meistersinger Salthora Meta X, and fans should appreciate such combination. Who could have thought that traditional “clean” design can be adapted to diver watches, and as result we will get something truly beautiful? I have no doubt that in future we would see other color versions, but for now blue is my choice. 🙂 Let’s wait for commercial sample for more detailed review and impressions.

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