Mazda Mx-5 RF on Geneva Car Show 2017

Small roadster like Mazda Mx-5 were always separated into class of their own. Compact cars, which are able to give you joy on the road are valued by drivers from whole world, and Mx-5 is a good proof to this idea. This year on Geneva Car Show it was possible to see version with hard top – even more versatile and elegant.
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Franky speaking, I was sceptical after seeing first photos of the new model. Rear side pillars were the main point where eye stopped and tried to find a continuation of the lines. Well, I have to admit that in person car looks completely different. As I said before, it seems like different modern cars are better in reality and original photos don’t communicate whole idea of the design.

New Mazda Mx-5 RF is exactly this case – when you see this small roadster in reality, it is a completely different car. Those smooth curves and unusual rear part design perfectly work together, and whole design looks complete. Of course, roof is electric and can removed in few seconds. Inside it’s absolutely identical to original Mx-5, so you won’t be surprised. Well, that’s a good thing because this design should last for ages and it feels good to sit in there.

I won’t discuss engine options, because those should be similar to the version with soft top. I think that this type of cars will be even more popular in the near future. Just today I was standing in traffic jam and saw struggling driver in new Mustang and completely different picture in soft top Mx-5 – smiling guy enjoying his car. There is no need to add something to it. All those power becomes redundant in modern cities with speed cameras and traffic jams, but you still can be happy from owning nice agile car, which can be used everyday.

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