Ressence watches on Munichtime 2017

Yes, this was my first time on Munichtime, so I was surprised by several things. One of those was presence of grand brands, and today we will talk about one of those. Yes, this is Ressence brand with their impressive model lineup. Unfortunately I didn’t have time to play with those (due to queue of interested people), so here are several stand shots.
By the way, here you can read review with another watch on Munichtime expo.
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Defying Common Principles

I would be surprised if you didn’t know about this watch brand. There is hardly any other watch that has something similar to offer. We are used to moving hands on our wristwatches, right? Well, what about moving dial? đŸ™‚ Yes, here whole dial moves with time, and I have to say that it looks quite impressive. In other words not only hand moves here, but also all subdials that are present on those watches. To say that it is unusual is to grossly underestimate whole appearance of those beauties. I was also surprised that there are several models already. Well, those are easily recognizable, and style can be instantly attributed to Ressence watches.

Less is More

All three are finished in pure minimalist styling, so there are no extras on the dial. Only those lines that are needed to underline subdial and show time. Nothing more! Just like it wasn’t enough, there is also another unusual function. Take a careful look at case. Yes, Ressence watches don’t have any crown on the side. Clean, streamlined shapes, which remind of pebble, those look good in real life. Moreover, whole dial is made as if it is right on the top cover. Do I have to say that it is interesting to touch those? đŸ˜€

Price for Specialness

Of course, do not expect small numbers for those Ressence pieces. Even the simplest model has 5-digits price tag, which might surprise some of you. Nevertheless, take a look at all those photos again. Do you know any other watch that offers the same unusual interpretation of watch indication for similar amount of dollar bills? Yeah, you know the answer. Now stay tuned, because I hope soon we will share more detailed report with you. đŸ˜‰

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