Tag Heuer Autavia Jack Heuer 85th Anniversary Preview

First of all let me invite you to our hands on article with original Autavia reissue, which you can find here. In November Swiss watchmaker decided to release new edition – Tag Heuer Autavia Jack Heuer 85th Anniversary. This model will celebrate famous Mr.Heuer and his 85th birthday. Let’s take a closer look at what is different here.
By the way, here you can read review with another Swiss watch.
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Perfect Present

Yes, you read it right, company decided to make a gift to its founder and release special edition. Let me remind you that this chrono was created by none other than Jack Heuer. Therefore it should be cool to see your “child” resurrected in form of nice Limited Edition. Moreover, there will be only 1932 pieces produced. Don’t even think about getting first number easily. This particular watch will be part of Phillips auction on 11th of November in Geneva. I wonder what the final price will be for such beauty. 🙂

Fast Silver

Main difference will be visible with your own eyes, so don’t expect something unusual inside. In contrary, case houses the same movement as in simple Autavia. Therefore, you can expect 80-hours power reserve, what is quite fine for such price. As you can see on the photos, dial received aluminium treatment, which looks even better. In my opinion such design looks complete, especially when compared with standard black dial. Font on bezel is also different – more streamlined and elegant. Moreover, model will have rice beads bracelet, quite nice tip to classic counterpart. Rear cover is full metal with Mr.Heuer signature. Of course, you will also find serial number there.

Expensive Rarity?

Now the most surprising thing – price. Yeah, thinking about some crazy digits? Well, fear not – price is quite reasonable and should be around 5.5k USD. In other words you will get special edition of limited chrono watch for this amount. I think there is no use in arguing that this amount is quite reasonable for the chance to have one of 1932 existing pieces. In other words, affordable specialty, right? Nevertheless, don’t waste your time, and get it as soon as possible, because it has all chances to become instant classic.

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